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Mexico Continues to Militarize Civilian Airports

Several Mexican airports are now under military control as the country's president pushes to combat corruption ( More...

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John Buchanan 4
No big deal for the cartels, they'll just reallocate their payments to the soldiers instead of the airport security..
NX211 9
What could possibly go wrong.. Thank goodness there is no corruption in the Mexican military...
RECOR10 -5
Silly, we all know Mexico is almost as above board as Ukraine.
AWAAlum 5
I love how you feel just to speak for everyone..."we all know" ?
RECOR10 -2
Okay, I speak for anyone who has been to Mexico, has been to the border, understands the cartels...and has a basic understanding of Ukraine. The other option is to be a delusional fool who either plays lemming or buries their head like an ostrich.
AWAAlum 3
Not to enter into a debate, but, you speak for yourself. That's all. You're entitled to your opinion, but not to speak for others...any others.
wayne holder 1 dad used to call them Philly Loo Loo Birds. Bury their heads in the sand and whistle out their A**.
avionik99 8
They need to do this to their entire border!
Jerry Ohren 2
We flew out of Cancun to Dallas the day after President Reagan was shot. The Cancun airport was saturated with military personnel carrying machine guns. Many of them looked like they were barely 16. Didn't feel really comfortable!
Jim Allen 3
I don’t know: Do you trust a competent but possibly corrupt military controller or a possibly competent and corrupt civilian controller?
In Mexico they are one in the same.
Lloyd Sharp 1
This only goes to show the rampant corruption, just to the South of our border.
And like Cancer, it is spreading North.
Seal the border, and send them all home!
Princess Diana Memorial Land Mines (made with scrap metal from Mercedes hoods)...planted across the southern border would be a valid solution.
bartmiller 1
I've flown my Cessna TR182 around Mexico many times over the years.

The controllers were always professional and competent. We were handled by both civilian and military controllers with no issues or complaints.

Certainly there are corruption issues with respect to what happens on the ground and how customs and cargo are handled. There is a lot of money at play here, so not surprised there is corruption in that area.

So, I have no concerns about my safety in the air or worries about the security of my plane on the ground when flying in Mexico.
Brian Freeman -2
I'm sure glad there aren't any Mexicans in the USA that would influence how our government operates........
RECOR10 -1
Brian, I almost spit my coffee....
msetera -5
Coming to America if FJB got his way.


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