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FAA Approves AerSale Mixed Reality Headset Allowing 737 Pilots To ‘See’ Through Clouds

The FAA recently approved an STC authorizing the use of the AerAware headset device called the SKYLENS (HWD) head wearable display as part of a comprehenvive enhance flight vision system. This mixed reality headset allows transport pilots better situational awareness, particularly in low visibility situations. According to AerSale (makers of the AerAware system), the Enhanced Flight Vision System “recently received approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the Boeing B737NG… ( More...

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Dave Mathes 4
...I love the phrase "mixed reality"...
That looks as uncomfortable as hell. I'm not a pilot, but I'd think a better designed HUD with a lot of different views would be better.
It might be helpful backing a trailer into a tight space, though. :)
John Prukop 3
The pilot of the Cessna 340 that recently had a bad-time in the air after departing KSBP on December 18th in N711CB could REALLY use one of these!!! For details, see the Dan Gryder 'Probable Cause' installment on YouTube, here:
David Dimitri 2
would be interesting to know with what software the image of terrain is displayed and what information aersale vr headset is feeding from?
Yazoo 2
Nice. I've got the HUD. I'd rather have a 737NG with a 21st-century overhead panel and EICAS.
Craig Good 2
It's surprising that it's taken this long to get this far. It's such an obviously good idea.

It's also clear that the Avgeek site has no copy editors.
Brian Freeman 2
Seems like many pilots these days are already flying with "mixed reality..."
Ron Slater 2
I could "see through the clouds" in a CJ3+ I used to fly just by looking at the PFD
The B737NG includes the -600, -700, -800 and -900 in this new STC. I predict that AerSale will have an initial customer (likely United Airlines) which will agree to provide one or more B737Max models which will be used to acquire an STC covering the B737Max8 and Max9, with the Max7 and Max10 added once the FAA certificates these two models.
W B johnson 1
That's pretty neat, but...why is Mitch McConnell wearing a captain's uniform??
Richard Loven -7
Seatbelts,headsets,now goggles. Takes the freedom out of everything. Pretty soon all I will have left is my Harley.


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