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AtlasAir 747-8 makes emergency landing at KMIA

AtlasAir 747-8 enroute to Puerto Rico returns to Miami after engine malfunction. ( More...

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Chris Bryant 3
Sorry. FA did not show me the current squawks so I didn't see this was already posted.
Doug Haviland 2
For once let’s not stated out to blame Boeing for the incident. It more than likely is a bird strike or other F.O.D incident.
Lee Withers 3
It is rather annoying that the media shows their lack of knowledge about aircraft. They seem to think Boing is responsible for all problems in their planes. I don't know who the manufacture of the problem one is but I know it wasn't Boeing. And with aircraft engines who knows how many have been in a specific plane and when was the last maintenance was and which bird was probably the instigator of this fire.


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