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INCIDENT Qantas #QF706 suffered cabin depressurisation, forcing passengers to wear oxygen masks

Passengers were forced to wear oxygen masks as a flight from Adelaide to Canberra was diverted to Melbourne on Tuesday morning following a mid-air incident. The QF706 flight, which departed Adelaide just after 6.10am, was given a priority landing at Melbourne Airport. ( More...

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Frank Harvey 0
Two Questions. 1. Whats the range of a 380 between 8500 and 10000 feet ? 2. Whats the diversion (runway, ground facilities and equipment) for a QF 380 if this were to happen between Wacos and Wayse enroute YMMR and KLAX ?
Martin Dennett 1
One question: who cares what the range of the A380 in those conditions when the aircraft in question here was VH-VXL, a 737-800?
Frank Harvey 1
I care. When (as a pax) I am over land (even between YPPH and YMMR/YSSY) the a/c is within reasonable reach of adequate runways so VH-VXL (Qantas 738) had plenty of options. As a pax in a (Qantas) 380 half way across the Pacific I had wondered what the alternates would be with fuel burn at 10,000 or lower since I assume there is only 15 minutes of O2 they have to come down there if they lose cabin pressure. Incidentally the non-stop trans Pacific Qantas 380 is surprisingly pleasant even in steerage.


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