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Airlines have completely stopped ordering the B737 Max

Airlines are holding off on orders for Boeing's 737 Max — the latest sign of how deeply the company's best-selling jet has been thrown into crisis ( More...

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patrick baker 4
boy, has boeing put itself into a giant mess here. Cash flow is interupted because no deliveries of any 737max's are occuring, their brand reputation is mangled if not destroyed, they are liable for payments to compensate, if that is even possible, some 380 plus dead due to the twin crashes, their sweet relationship within the FAA has been exposed for all to see and feel disgusted about, and what appears, at least to me, their indifference and arrogance is out for all to see. Maybe that is not what current management had in mind. Maybe Boeing needs quickly is new management with new minds, and a few of the current ones standing trial with prison terms waiting if/when found guilty.
Fuhndhu 1
How come their share price hasn't completely collapsed ?


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