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Canada transport minister wants simulator training for 737 MAX fix

Canada called on Wednesday for pilots to receive training on simulators for new Boeing 737 MAX software, rather than computer courses, going a step beyond proposals by U.S. regulators and opening the door to disagreement over measures to end a global grounding of the jets after two fatal crashes. ( More...

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mbrews 10
- Given that MCAS might mean " Mechanism to Crash Airplane Suddenly ", I agree with the reasonable policy to mandate high fidelity simulator training for pilots of this MAX aircraft type. World regulators need to override the bobble head "yes-men" of FAA, in league with the Boeing cabal, conspiring to sell the fantasy that the 737 MAX flies oh-so-similar to any other 737. Don't worry their little pilot heads about manuals, training ...
Kathie Daniel 5
Marc Garneau is a former astronaut and I agree with him on this requirement. Has Boeing learned NOTHING from the previous tragedies? When something goes sideways on an aircraft, you can't just coast to the side of the road and wait for help. And given Boeing's track record with this aircraft so far, I would be happy to err heavily on the side of caution! And whoever made the original decision NOT to re-train pilots and heavily promote the new system and its foibles should be locked up in jail for the rest of their life. Or given to the families of the dead pilots and passengers to be dealt with as they see fit.

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Highflyer1950 13
Well “he” flew on three space shuttle missions as payload specialist and holds many degrees so I’m not sure about him being brain dead? I do know as Minister of Transport for Canada he has a lot of inherent responsibility to make sure the Max is returned to the air within Canadian airspace with the utmost safety and trust.
Viv Pike 11
I just went and read up on "him". "He" has a very impressive track-record, and I would say certainly has some authority to make that call. I feel that a pointless comment was posted by a brain-dead troll who has not kept apace with anything. At present, as it now stands, the FAA are saying that sim training is "not required". The FAA also originally said the MAX did not need to be grounded. I sometimes wonder what the "trolls" would say, once the MAX is given the go-ahead to fly without all the system checks and balances, Sim training etc, if - heaven forbid - an American MAX with a highly-rated American crew, would crash. Who would then be to blame? If you are going to fix it - then fix it properly !!


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