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Secret TSA Watch List Targets Combative, Unruly Passengers

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has created a watch list of people who act unruly and combative at airport checkpoints, according to an unsealed directive reviewed May 17 by the New York Times. ( More...

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Richard Orgill 6
Seem to upset the media last night that this list existed but as a pilot, this list is well worth it.

TSA gets a lot of bad press but you have to admit they have a very tough job dealing with the various issues of the traveling public.
Highflyer1950 3
Pretty soon the airlines will have to carry around “bouncers” instead of air marshalls. Get out of hand, get bounced! If you get bounced, next comes the breathalyzer and when you fail you get charged with public intoxification. Next, the cattle prod!
matt jensen 2
Just handcuffs and leg irons
Iain Robertson 0
The "list includes less than 50 individuals" ?? I would have assumed over 5 million individuals. Personally, I can't tolerate the hassle of airline travel any more. I just don't bother.


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