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Drunken Ryanair passenger arrested at Shannon airport 'thought she was still in Spain'

“What makes this worse than a general public order offence is that this happened in the aircraft cabin and there is nowhere for people to go.” ( More...

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Excessive consumption of alcohol prior to, or during, a flight might be thought of as relatively harmless, however recognising that it is a choice made by the individual concerned, airlines and aviation authorities should give serious consideration to the possibility of an alcoholically incapacitated pax becoming a danger to themselves, or others, in the event of an emergency, especially one necessitating rapid evacuation and as a consequence it should lead to a decision whether to deny boarding or refuse continued inflight service to individuals who choose to so indulge.
Looks like Australia is not the only country with weak judiciary that are willing to let people off serious crimes because they have a sob story to tell. Should have got jail time.
"Judge King said that would give Ms Bradshaw the Probation Act if she paid €500 into the court Poor Box and said that she had escaped a conviction over her prior good behaviour and absence of any convictions."

I'm with Judge King, Ian. One's previous history should always count.
btweston -1
Calm down, dad.


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