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Airliner Encountered Unidentified Fast-Moving Cylindrical Object Over New Mexico

American Airlines Flight 2292, an Airbus A320 flying between Cincinnati and Phoenix on February 21st, 2021, had a bizarre close encounter with what its crew described as a "long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile" moving extremely fast over the top of their aircraft as it cruised along at 36,000 feet and 400 knots. The incident occurred over the remote northeast corner of New Mexico, to the west of the tiny town of Des Moines. Steve Douglass, an experienced… ( More...

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Tom Pera 3
something out of Holloman air base, no doubt
So, did they eat the fish, or the chicken? :-D
linbb 2
Darn that thing glad it was not brown but it was something....................
jptq63 4
Also glad it did not hit the (turbine) fan. :-)


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