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JetBlue pilot to use insanity defense

(CNN) -- Clayton Osbon, the JetBlue pilot who was restrained by passengers after he left the cockpit and acted erratically during a flight last month, will use an insanity defense, according to court documents filed Wednesday by his attorney Dean Roper. ( More...

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In this case . .It would seem, It is being used correctly and rightfully. Sad part, he may never fly again.
linbb 1
They dont do this much to some of those passengers who are just being a butt why do this to him. Let him go home and rest in peace he knows what went on now and is very sorry for it why drag him and his family thru the muck get real.
The guy wigged out. Skip the dog and pony show that we all know is going nowhere and let the guy quietly get some help.


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