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IndiGo denies 13 A-320 NEOs are grounded, but admits 8 non-functional

Budget carrier IndiGo has denied media reports that 13 of its Airbus A-320 New Engine Option (NEO) aircraft are grounded. According to some reports, the airline had grounded these aircraft which had led to the cancellation of 84 flights. ( More...

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Scott Campbell 2
“The news is inaccurate. We made detailed and comprehensive comments in our last earnings call. We have no further comments to offer,” SAID EVERY CEO EVER WHEN FACED WITH A REAL PROBLEM ....
Yeah u r rgt. But as seen in case of IndiGo, most of the flights are in operation. Going into the case, the fleet has some 8-10 yrs old aircraft. So some problems might arise at any moment.
Ric Wernicke 2
Sounds like a rerun of the late Kingfisher airline in India. They fly 'em until they won't move.
It won't be a rerun of kingfisher as IndiGo is really impressive and quite dominating in the Indian market.


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