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Eppley Airfield Omaha Looks at $500 Million Rebuild

Airport Authority moving forward with full rebuild ( More...

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About bloody time for this! OMA hasn't changed anything from how it looked back in the 1970s. The same gates from back then exist now, and nothing in the terminal has updated basically since 1995. The same gates that SWA flies out of are the same gates that Braniff flew out of. Having the bigger footprint, from terminal to tower will definitely help things.

Now the bigger question is: Do they keep it named after the hotel magnate that built a string of hotels along Abbott drive when the airport was built, or name it after someone like Buffett, and finally slap "international" in the name, since it is an international port of call and customs is at the field?
Mike Mohle 1
They lengthened and widened 32R/14L several years ago! And yes, the terminals are always (over) crowded for sure during peak times. Can't wait for the changes (after construction is complete....).


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