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Boeing, Southwest Airlines Sued for Alleged Collusion Over 737 MAX 8

Southwest Airlines Co. and The Boeing Co. were hit with a lawsuit by Southwest customers who say the companies colluded to hide a fatal design defect in Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The complaint, filed July 11 in a federal court in Texas under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, alleges Southwest obtained profits through a collusive relationship with Boeing, its sole airplane supplier. ( More...

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Seems like a long shot. But if there was collusion, that's pretty damning for Southwest, and Boeing.

Imagine Southwest knowing about the problem with the Max, and not telling their pilots. Wow...
John D 2
I was thinking the same thing.
Mike Dryden -1
The gist seems to be not that much different between the legal battles on a global level: Emirates getting government support to swamp the world, thus obtaining profits, Boeing getting preference on X government requirement, thus obtaining profits, Airbus getting Y government support thus obtaining profits.

This could take years and the complainants will run out of cash to fund it before SW/Boeing does.
Southwest clearly complicit, having extracted a penalty of hundreds of millions of dollars if it turns out pilot training is required. That’s why MCAS was concealed from pilots even to the point of eliminating redundancy and disagree light.
this may break the camel's back, Boeing will start laying off
pilotjag 3
Copy of the complaint filed against Boeing and WN can be found below...
sandro98 1
I'm not overly familiar with how complaints normally look, but reading through the first few pages seems like it was completed so people would have headlines to reference in the future, but nothing that seems actually a concern...
That's a pretty typical drafting style for a high-profile case like this. Collusion complaints are easy to make, but since the Supreme Court's decisions in Twombly and Iqbal, the plaintiffs will have to have evidence that goes beyond multiple defendants acting separately in their common interest. Unless the plaintiffs come up with this, the case will be dismissed before the defendants even have to answer.
If this is typical drafting style for a high-profile case, I'll just assume court filings for the less notable cases are written in crayon.

"Like a tale from some science fiction dystopia, a computer system the crew knew nothing about had taken control of the airplane and crashed it"

I did not scroll back up to see if the first paragraph started out with "It was a dark and stormy night". I don't want to know.
Nah, it's just that they're hoping to attract headlines. That's somewhat likely with a case like this but not with others.
Rick Hunt 6
Let's assume it is all true. What are the damages to customers? I don't recall a Southwest plane crashing. Like to or not that is how a court will look at the lawsuit.
btweston 5
Violations of RICO, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and negligence.
Rico van Dijk 1
Nah, no one violated me ;)
Case dismissed.
If by "customers" Rick Hunt meant "passengers"--that's what I was asusming--there's still a problem with showing damages. If "customers" means the airlines--not what this complaint alleges--they might well have a RICO complaint against Boeing. For a variety of reasons, I don't think it likely that such a complaint would be filed.
mary susan watkins 1
rick..i am not an attorney,but a class action lawsuit is the right of passengers who have been flying on southwest,prior to the announcement about the max 737,as their fleet is totally boeing 737,both the older model and the max..there have already been reports the faa did not do thorough inspections of the aircraft before certifying it as airworthy on all counts and able to be put into service..if it can be proven with evidenciary information to a court,that boeing knowingly sold the airplane with defects,and southwest knowingly bought them,as well as bringing in the faa overlooks,the lawsuit will go also was reported that boeing stated the computer program in question was considerd an "option" for an individual carrier to purchase with the aircraft,or not,and it was not put on all that were being manufactured..a judge will decide if the lawsuit can go through or will be dismissed for whatever reason...
Michael McMurtrey 2
Ultimately, the only people who are gonna make any money off this airplane are the attorneys.
Some crash victims will score.
Greg Sergienko 2
All the people on the plans are dead, so they're not scoring.

Few, if any, of the family members will recover an amount that approximates their loss. Where the damages are large, the survivors are under pressure to settle to replace the lost earnings immediately. Boeing, the airlines, and their insurers will present a united front and wait.

From news reports, it seems that some family members have given up their rights for relatively small amounts. In a case like this, they may not even recover their provable economic losses.

Depending on what law applies, there may be recoveries for psychological injuries to survivors, but juries are skeptical about this.
Man, now this is one crazy conspiracy theory. People just want free money nowaydays.
RC Pate 3
So, just how did SW flight crews manage to fly the MAX "without training" and not scratch or bend them up?
I see nothing wrong with WN wanting an all Boeing 737 fleet. This allows efficiencies with training, maintenance, & staffing. In my career field, my employer tries to keep the equipment pool to a few manufacturers - Sony for HD cameras, Grass Valley for vision mixers, and EVS for record/playback servers. When my employer acquires a company with different gear, they do effort to upgrade to the afore mentioned manufacturers.

As far as WN having rushed the Boeing MAX8/9 into service, perhaps WN's management thought their "preferred customer" status was a little to cozy with Boeing? WN's greed to squeeze in 6 more seats or add a few hundred Km to aircraft range has come back to bite them.
Don Quixote 0
Rushed? How was it rushed, tell every other airline that has a MAX then. Southwest knows what they're doing.
btweston 2
You really don’t read the news, do you?
You mean the news that tells us it was rushed rather than tell us how long it took compared to the average or typical and let us draw our own conclusions. That news?
btweston -3
Are you Boeing’s mom?
If I was your mom I'd ground you for a month.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

btweston 9
Um, no. This is an article reporting something that has happened.

Calm down.


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