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U.S. Navy's first Black female fighter pilot gets her wings

Lieutenant Madeline Swegle, who made history as the U.S. Navy's first Black female tactical fighter pilot, received her Wings of Gold on Friday. ( More...

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Tom Pera 4
anyone else getting tired of "first ......" ? happy for her.. wish her luck
I am, but only because this took a ridiculously long time. Like seriously, it's 2020, this shouldn't be news because it should have happened in the past. As she put it from the article: "I never intended to be the first."
Tom Pera 3
yeah....good point
Who cares. Why does everything need to be about race, color, or gender? I’m sure she earned it and I wish her the best with her career. Thank you for your service Lieutenant.
airuphere -2
Because for years it’s been about race, color and gender. Hard to see when you’re a white male. Speak I from experience.
airuphere -4
*speaking from
I haven’t heard of any such thing. If you are smart and are the best candidate for the job, you get accepted. There should never be any freebies because you are a certain color or race. I have always had to earn my way into higher positions despite being white. Knock off the bullshit with this race nonsense.
airuphere 0
What a load of crap. If you can’t look around briefing rooms, board rooms, hell private hospitals and see that your population is not equally represented, you are part of the problem. Not saying it’s your fault; however, as one needs to shift their perception to see inequity - which is hard to do.
airuphere 0
I also never said anything about freebies. So you think this lady got her job as a freebie. That is racist.
LethalThreat 1
Re read my original post again. I clearly said she earned it and I wish her the best in her career. African Americans are 13% of the population, whites are nearly 70%. If there’s more whites in various positions throughout the nation, that’s accurate to the percentage they make up of society. You are a kook if you feel there is racism everywhere, there isn’t.
zorychta -1
And if it would have occurred 20 years earlier, you would have said the same thing; always moving the goal post.


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