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Boeing's 737MAX to Return Soon

The 737 MAX, an aircraft that has been grounded for over a year and a half, is expected to be clear to fly again in the coming weeks. The plane has already been deemed "good to go" by the E.U.'s aviation administration, and the FAA is expected to do the same shortly. Due to the fact that Boeing is an American company, the FAA must give their approval before the MAX can be officially ungrounded. ( More...

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bbabis 3
Anywhere, anytime, safest plane in the sky now.
Anthony Acri 1
Thankyou for callimg stupid.
Mel Globerman 1
The 737 Max will be the most; carefully scrutinized, analyzed, tested, et. plane ever built, and as a result of all this, and in addition to the additional pilot training no doubt be the safest plane ever! I also suspect that what was learned by; Boeing and other aircraft manufacturers, FAA, pilots and those responsible for their training, and every other industry related entity will result in the entire aviation industry becoming safer! Sometimes it unfortunately takes a tragedy to open eyes, and make fundamental changes for the good of everyone involved, especially for human life!
Anthony Acri 0
Not getting me on that plane
linbb -2
Why stupid? The Lion Air crash was caused by doing no test flying of the AC before putting it back in service as they did twice within two days? Think that was also low time pilots trying to learn how to fly a big airplane. Should have still been flying piper cubs.
Ok, take a boat then


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