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So Long (and Good Riddance) to CNN Airport News

Will we finally get some peace and quiet at the gate? ( More...

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marc hall 2
Way overdue!
marc hall 2
Way overdue!
They couldn't afford to pay off the contracts anymore
Dave Huffman 1
So just give us all Rainbows and Lollipops?
Mike Mohle 8
Being a pilot and weather nerd, I like the simple info to see what is going on and what might affect my flight(s) and if I might possibly miss a connection. Show the US/Canada Map with current radar, flash to weather forecasts for major cities that airlines travels to, and back to the map every minute or so.
donald keeble 4
Next to getting a Covid vaccine that's the best news I've heard in quite a long time.
MrTommy 4
You can include doctor's offices in this. Put on HGTV stuff. It's almost totally non-political. No matter what 'commentary outlet' you put on on public places, somebody is going to be upset.
Yes good riddance to one of the most bias media, or should I say liberal propaganda machine.
marymcelyea 21
Amen! The indoctrination of the masses can subside just a little now that CNN is off...I’m all for The Weather Channel or AccuWeather.

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Dan Grelinger 4
Didn't take long for the trolls to come out, did it.
Lori Fleenor -3
Oh, So Che’s the troll? And Mary with her political comment isn’t? And let me guess, neither are you, right? Knock it off.
Dan Grelinger 2
Hey, you joined the party. I guess a mirror is in order.
ReverendLee 10
Maybe weather updates? Or Spongebob. Spongebob would be good. Everybody likes Spongebob.
Gary Ondrey 3
Thank goodness and good riddance to the Communist News Network. They used to be so fair and objective. Whatever happened?
John Stevenson 9
Guess that means that CNN can no longer boast "More people get their news from CNN..." I'm with ReverendLee, I think the country could use a dose of SpongeBob about now. Can you imagine what a conversation with your unknown seat mate would be like if everyone got to watch the antics of Patrick, Squidward, Plankton, Sandy and Gary
BR5Engineering 11
This is a good start. The fewer screens shoved in our faces while in public, the better.
Kairho Carroll 5
Now to get doctors' offices to dump HGTV, too.
Ray Sundar 0
It would have thrilled those rioters returning home to see their faces on TV during the riots!
Mike Mohle -1
Yeah, the BLM team loves posting stuff and being on TV.
Joseph Watson 7
Now if I could just get it out of the gym.
Joe Manhart 15
Amen! Peace and quiet prevails over the garbage and garble we were submitted to while traveling!!!!
Carol Ronka 0
What a shame - it was a good way to stay in touch with current events in the world
Minivation 28
Thank goodness. I would much rather enjoy the ambiance of the terminal environment, watching people go about their travels and hearing the occasional rumble of a plane taking off in the background.
Dave Steele 1
CNN will now see a three-quarters drop in viewership numbers. Once a trusted source for news, they’ve morphed into a source that nobody capable of critical thinking relies on for anything.

They can’t disappear from the American landscape fast enough.
Ray Sundar 3
Good Riddance! Yes! Eliminate political news at the airports. Instead calisthenics for flight travel and yoga and other things that can help people endure long and tedious travels especially those going abroad.
ADXbear 12
If anything has to be on the tvs.. use Natgo or Smithsonian type viewing with volume off

James Simms 20
I’m sure Air Disasters will be a big hit
stacey go 4
James that made me chuckle.
ed lang 22
Thank god!! Those TVs are so damn annoying!
Roy Hunte 11
Awesome, now no more jabbering heads while you're waiting to board.
Stephen Levenson 2
Bet it becomes infomercials
ImperialEagle 11
Over time they went from questionable content to content without any credibility at all. Thank heavens the noise is now silenced. Activists masquerading as journalists.
vector4traffic 3
I often travel in the US and seeing the political mess over there confirms why it's best to buyout US Corporation and bring their IP back home.
scott ebrite 14
Steve Rosenthal 4
The airport is not the place to have slanted news (and if you are a CNN fan and don't think the news and views presented is slanted there is no hope for you). Why not put on Russia Today. Heck THEY aren't slanted... (insert Wayne's World line: "hyaaaa..." Most airlines are no longer offering in seat TV screens. You watch on your own device. You now choose what you want. In the end I will bet it's a financial decision. However: "Honest to G-d your heads will catch fire" Nice hate speech. PS Fox has gone left. Hooray NewMax!
ed george 4
Some entity will swoop in and use that infrastructure. Hoping it's a 24/7 stream of PBS Nature or Smithsonian's America from the Air episodes.
Chris Bryant 5
Wonderful news!
If they want something up for the business people, put up Bloomberg. Or maybe half Bloomberg and half something for kids to watch.
bbabis 7
I may think about taking an airline trip again!
patrick baker 5
both cnn and fixed, er fox news can be grating on my nerves, their insistence that "breaking news" is worthy of my attention an any time. We can get information updates, not properly called news, from our phones at our own timing. Need a good laugh? step to the side of the waiting room and observe the craning of the necks as passengers stare at the telly, in obedient unison. Bloomberg anything is preferable to fox or cnn or msnbc.
James Driskell 4
On advantage of being hard of hearing is that one can remove the hearing aids and tune out the noise. For those of you who don't want to listen to the noise, I suggest you sit farther away or just turn off your brain which apparently some have already done.
jerry walker 4
God Bless America (finally)
Anthony Dennis 3
Finally we get rid of the Communist News Network. Put pictures up on the screens, terminal info, weather info, i really do not care, anything but the broken news media. They all deserve each other.

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Dan Grelinger 2
Another troll raises its ugly head.
Mike Mohle 1
That is good news, in most airports there is rarely enough room to find a seat anywhere to watch it anyway.
dj horton -5
All you people tearing up over “cancel culture” are now rejoicing that CNN has been canceled. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

In the spirit of all of this how about we ban Fox News from every FBO pilot lounge? Honest to God your heads will catch fire
John Lussier 6
You clearly do not understand what Cancel Culture is. You also clearly don't let that keep you from spouting off with your hair on fire. Thanks for the chuckle.
Joseph Watson 7
It's not about cancelling or not cancelling DJ. It's about being held hostage by a monopoly. In soviet Russia all apartments had a hardwired radio box. Everybody was forced to hear the same state approved news.
Mike Mohle 3
We have that now, here in the US.
Mark Carter 5
They cancelled themselves. Was not someone telling others how to think as the cancel culture does. You are losing it.
Colin Seftel 1
In my experience, every airport mutes the sound and shows subtitles.
Dave Steele 1
My experience from coast to coast says otherwise
Torsten Hoff 3
I wish...

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bbabis 7
Seriously, Mary?


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