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Delta wants U.S. airlines to share banned passenger lists

Here is a list of the numbers of passengers banned: Alaska: 538 since May 11, 2020 Allegiant: 15 since July 2 American: does not report Delta Air Lines: more than 1,200 since May 4, 2020 Frontier: 830 since May 8, 2020 Hawaiian: 106 since May 8, 2020 JetBlue: 140 since May 4, 2020 Spirit: 604 since May 11, 2020 Southwest: does not report United: 750 since May 4, 2020 ( More...

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Why is even POSSIBLE to be banned form an airline, then walk to the next gate of a different airline and buy a ticket, so another crew and set of passengers have to deal with their BS. It's 2021 !
My phone knows where I took a photo from 34,000 feet !! Automatic 72 ban for flying period, then a review with a judge. WAKE THE HECK UP AMERICA ! don't like it ? ... DRIVE
bboyjunyor 2
Think about the conequences and the idea of a precedent! The road to hell is paved with good intentions (so think about it good before deciding.. and think about the future and where this can go!)


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