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Frontier Airlines Goes Head-to-Head with Southwest

Ultra-low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines recently announced their plans to begin flights to Chicago’s Midway Airport and Houston’s Hobby Airport in the spring of 2022. This decision, though consistent with Frontier’s priorities, will place them head-to-head against low-fare king Southwest Airlines. ( More...

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jmilleratp 2
Wasn't impressed flying Frontier a few years ago. Hopefully, they have gotten better. They continue the name of what was one of my favorite legacy carriers.
i wish them well...southwest is back to flying from both hou and iah,and frontier i guess will be doing the same..i have only been on their planes once several years back, and it was ok..nothing airbus from iah to msp and beverage service only ..i dont recall them having a first class cabin either..
avionik99 -1
Awesome more "People of Wal-Mart" to fly with! Yay!


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