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BA pilot had cocaine party in Joburg before he was due to fly full plane to London – report

On a Monday in August, a plane full of passengers travelling from Johannesburg to London was delayed for 24 hours while British Airways sorted out a staffing emergency. That emergency, it now turns out, involved a night of drugs, drinking, and marathon sex by one of the airline's pilots. ( More...

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dkenna 10
The real cause of pilot fatigue… marathon sex sessions and the only cure is more coke!! His name Denzel by any chance?

But seriously, the stupidity of this FO. Great way to toss an amazing career down the drain. And BA says no way was this unsafe to pax. Ummm, if it wasn’t for the crew member to report; it would have been completely unsafe. Glad he was fired, but come on BA, of course there was risk to their PAX. Praise to the female crew member to report him.
Colin Seftel 8
The headline should read "Ex-BA ex-pilot...." He was fired and the British CAA withdrew his medical certificate.
Edward Hopgood 4
that is disgraceful.HE should now be dismissed licence cancelled

Tony Lawrence 4
What a dick head! How BA (bloody awful) for his wife and any children.
Fred Sewe 4
Unbelievable. Some news read like fictions. What a way to fly into headwinds of career demolition.
Peter Ashby 1
BA=Barbiturates All-night (Drugs), Brandy All-night, (Drinking) and Bonking All-night (marathon sex).
Puts a whole new meaning on the RT use of "Speedbird" to!
Charlie Roberts -2
If youre gonna go out.....go out as a LEGEND
btweston -7
Let’s be honest. This guy had a night that most of you could only dream about.
dkenna 5
I’m sure it was a good time for him, but certainly not worth the consequence. A few bumps and a three way isn’t worth giving up a £100k+ salary!

And I doubt this was a one time thing. It’s likely he’s shown up to the aircraft and flew when he sure as hell shouldn’t have.
Steve Pearce 4
It does make me wonder whether he was 1) a self funded trainee who trained over many years with a big remortgage, begging and borrowing from every family member, sold his golf clubs, etc. to live the dream, or 2) a 'bank of dad' graduate who got in to flying purely because his family could throw money at this months latest career aspiration. I suspect 2. For his and his families sake, i hope not 2.

He will lose his job, and have a big black mark against his name. But there is always an opportunity to redeem yourself. Should contrition, go to counselling, do something meaningful with your new found time and maybe he'll get himself back in to the RHS in a few years time. I don't think he should be banned from flying ever again. But this will be vastly easier if he's a type 2 person above.
Tim Dyck 3
That speaks a lot to your character. I think most of us would not do drugs and heavy drinking befor going to work and I can also bet that most married men have more respect for their families to chase after women when away from home.
Any comments about whether I am right?


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