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Denied: National Mediation Board Will Not Release American Airlines Flight Attendants From Negotiation

The National Mediation Board (NMB) has denied the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) request to be released from negotiations with American Airlines. The APFA had requested release from negotiations on November 20, but the NMB rejected the request, preventing the union from beginning the strike process. The APFA has accused American Airlines of corporate greed and exploitation, citing management's recent bonuses while flight attendants worked under wages negotiated in… ( More...

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avionik99 3
Cant the union compromise a bit here? The union demands more than what they will ever get and in the years since they started this the workers continue to get the old salaries. How much have they lost in doing that? How long will it take to make up for it? I remember years ago (late 90's) a company went on strike from repairing KC-135's for the Air force. When they finally settled it would have taken like 17 years working at the new wages to make up for the money not made while on strike! But the union people never lost a penny in wages, funny how that works huh??
dee9bee 3
I hate it too but that's how negotiations work. Once a settlement is reached, part of the new contract usually includes at least some pay retroactivity.


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