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Why One Airport’s Runway Overhaul is so Complex

Crews work against the clock to get the airport open again the next morning. ( More...

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How disappointing not to have some detail of the sequence of activity during a typical working night, and of what length of runway can be renewed at a time. How is the end result smooth, and continuous, rather than a patchwork of repairs?
I would also be grateful if the teams involved could give some instruction and advice to the people who have taken 2 1/2 years to construct a simple roundabout on the A361 near South Molton, UK, with considerable disruption to daily life for everyone who uses that road.
Simon Bennet 6
Simon agreed. To repair a runway they don’t have to contend with South Molton Town Council, North Devon Council, Devon County Council,The Highways Authority, Planning Authority, Health and Safety, Fire Service, Police, Residents, Contractors, Sub Contractors to name but a few. If they did the runway would never be repaired.
Rich Boddy 3
Reading this just gave me flashbacks to the nightmare Jeremy Clarkson had to deal with when trying to obtain permission for all of his ventures. Everyone picks on the US for the red tape issues we encounter but the UK sure beats us out!
Scott Conklin 2
Keep in mind this is just a resurfacing, they are not rebuilding the runway. Think of it as putting a fresh layer of gravel on a dirt road to cover some potholes. I worked at Detroit Metro Airport for nearly 8 years and was involved in 2 runway rebuilds. We closed them in April, removed them, cut the earth for the new design with taxiway changes, installed drainage, electrical, base material, navigation equipment, and then paved them out. Then the lighting, grooving and finally paint are applied and they opened in December. 9 months total to rebuild a runaway and new associated taxiway configurations. This is only temporary maintenance that they are doing so they run into small problems from equipment and materials along the way, hard to plan each night for exact measurements they can complete. When they are closed for 9 months those small things don’t set you back.
John Graham 4
Hmmm. Maybe I can get them to do my driveway
John Graham 2
Help. I'm not able to see ant replies to my comments. What am I missing here
B Trott 2
Edward Bardes 1
They're highlighted the first time you revisit a page, as well as any comments made after yours.
bobinson66 1
SJC had this same runway problem 20 years ago. Luckily, they had 2 parallel runways and were able to remake the runways properly without shutting down the airport. They moved from asphalt to concrete that was 4 feet thick and two miles long. They used enough concrete to make a sidewalk that could stretch from San Jose to San Diego.

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Scott Conklin 1
And yet another worthless contribution from an outsider who knows nothing first hand of which they speak and just wants to be heard in the big world stage! PATHETIC

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Edward Bardes 2
Nobody said anything relevant to any of that.


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