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Is it too early to bury the A380?

“Low demand for A380 is due to airlines being afraid of not filling the seats on the aircraft,” Tomas Chlumecky, a Canadian aviation consultant, told AeroTime in an email. One of the possible solutions to this might be exploiting seasonal surges in demand seen on certain niche routes. In November 2016, Malaysian announced deploying its A380s for Hajj (Muslim pilgrimage) journeys. Niche as it might be, the predictability of seasonal travel demand in case of religious travel is able to support the… ( More...

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patrick baker 2
How about the domestic transcontinental carriers- American, delta, united and jet blue- put the 380 on those routes east to west coast, making 1 1/2 roundtrips daily, giving `16 hours of utilization and a better ride to the passengers? Plenty of 380's coming available, and each airline would need no more than 5 aircraft each, freeing up quite a few long range single aisle aircraft for other places. Kennedy and Newark to LA and San Francisco, Boston to LA and San Francisco, and perhaps Kennedy to Seattle. There are other markets within the united states to consider, but these seem self evident.


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