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How to Fold a World Record Paper Airplane

Earning a world record allows paper plane designers to own football teams and marry Russian oil heiresses. And according to aerospace engineer and record holder Ken Blackburn, you need master only three things in your quest for paper plane glory: good folds, good throw, and good design. ( More...

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rsmath 2
Ken's a pretty cool guy! He was the subject of a trading card that I pulled from a pack a few years ago. Thinking it was a cool thing to see a world-record paper airplane flight holder was the subject of a card in that set, I sent the card to him to be autographed. He autographed the card and sent along a folded airplane that was the world-record holder design paper airplane.
Roland Dent 2
All my paper designs had winglets and that was back in 63 when I was 8 years old. Just why winglets were not used for real sooner always puzzles me.
Brian Park 2
Here’s another World Record paper airplane design that focuses on distance rather than flight-time. It’s really fun to see how these different paper airplane designs create different flight patterns!
I am proud to say I own a copy of The World Record Paper Airplane Book. When I got it, the world record was "only" 21 seconds (or so).


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