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FAA administrator tells team to 'take whatever time needed' on 737 MAX

U.S. Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson told his team to “take whatever time is needed” in their review of Boeing Co’s (BA.N) 737 MAX, reiterating that the path to approval is “not guided by a calendar or schedule,” ( More...

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Dave Taskis 1
I am less concerned about the hardware engineering of the 737MAX (Boeing knows how to do that), than I am about the safety critical software (Boeing has got previous in this area, eg Chinook FADEC). Until an independent, line-by-line review of the hazard log and source code for completeness, accuracy, bugs and security vulnerabilities has been conducted and the actions implemented, you won't see me getting on a 737MAX.

More importantly. if that isn't done, on what basis will the FAA certify the software is safe-to-fly ? Boeing's 'trust us' ? Also, how did FAA certify it as safe, before the disasters ?
patrick baker 0
wow. that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the wonderful job the FAA is doing, but not so good about the job the FAA did in the past. Past is prologue with these administrators, so all players must pay attention.


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