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Feds release preliminary report on SMO crash

The airspeed indicator malfunctioned before an August airplane crash in the Sunset Park neighborhood that left the pilot and two bystanders injured, according to a preliminary report by federal investigators. According to the report released last week by the National Transportation Safety Board, the still-unidentified pilot took off from Santa Monica Airport at 2:23 p.m. on Aug. 29 after completing a battery of preflight checks. The pilot planned to complete a flight from Santa Monica to Santa… ( More...

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linbb 0
A battery of preflight checks? Gee guess that means?? Another aritcal written by someone who has never been a pilot.
Toby Sharp 0
tired of it boyd....kinda a beat down
I agree with Toby.
alistairm 0
"Battery" would refer to a 'bunch' or a 'group of items'. Not completely misused in this context. Not to sure why you need to be a pilot to write about an air accident. It isn't rocket science guys:)


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