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South Carolina DNR will fill river with Upstate fish via helicopter

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will stock the lower Saluda River with thousands of fish Tuesday. The SCDNR will stock the river in Lexington County with thousands of rainbow and brown trout using a helicopter and specialized lift bucket as part of its annual fish stocking. ( More...

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Brian Bishop 0
Wish they'd bring a few more up here to the North and Middle Saluda! Right outside my back door, literally!
Ricky Scott 0
"As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly
preacher1 0
Well, they can to a degree as far as in/out of a roost, but they seem to have problem at altitude. Other than roosting, when you see them is on the ground.
Tom Spann 0
if bombing with fish is OK why are we getting threaten about are annual thanksgiving Arkansas turkey drop when the birds glide down and land safely.
Toby Sharp 0
because that's the way it works Tom....Somebody always has to be complaining/revoking privileges.....politics
preacher1 0
Tom: I saw a couple of TV blips a couple of years back where the turkeys did not glide, but hit the ground with a big thud and that is the lasting impression in a lot of folks mind. This was the drop up around Yellville.
The Colorado DNR does this with their fleet of Cessna 185s in "bombing runs" so that they can restock the remote lakes in the mountains. It's actually quite impressive to see and I believe there is even a video of it being done somewhere on the internet.


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