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Delta Begins Full Flat-bed Seat Installations on Boeing 747-400 Aircraft

Delta announced today that it has begun upgrading its Boeing 747-400 jets to include full flat-bed seats in its BusinessElite cabin. In coach, Delta says the upgrade will include the installation of its "slim line" seats, which come with individual in-seat entertainment. ( More...

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Daniel Baker 1
The photo shows four abreast which is easy to configure for direct-aisle access and that configuration makes sense for the upper deck...but is it going to be four abreast downstairs too? That'd be exceptionally wide for a business class product.
Larry Blunk 1
The seatmap for the new layout (labeled 74S) is up at The picture is from the lower deck business cabin. The upper deck only has one seat on each side.
Daniel Baker 1
Wow. On United's 744, they cram 8 across in business. Of course, United also does 8 across on the 777 where Continental does 6.


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