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Bomb threat forces Korean Air 777 to make emergency landing

The crew of a Korean Air 777 airliner was forced to make an emergency landing at a military airbase on Vancouver Island after the airline received its second bomb threat in two days. ( More...

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A half empty airplane can't be good for business.
Probably because the same flight was threatened the day before if I'm reading this correctly.
Allan Eayrs 1
My guess is that the F-15s at PDX were already on alert and the FA-18s at Comox were not.
Logger1 1
UMM!! American fighter escourt. Guess the Canadian Voodos were down for maintenance
I guess that's one way to get through a bad economy - outsource the military.
Bill Harris 0
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Korean Air flight diverted after bomb scare

A Korean Airlines Boeing 777 en route from Vancouver, B.C., to Seoul diverted on Tuesday to a Canadian Forces base on Vancouver Island under escort by two U.S. fighter jets after the airline's U.S. call center received a call about a bomb on board.


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