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(Video) UPS B757 Flawless Landing

Built in 1990, this 757 is still going strong. The pilot sure knows how to land comfortably.. ( More...

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No wonder they won't hire me. I prefer the bounce...

John Case 2
Lots of happy packages with that smooth touch.
preacher1 1
matt sunshyne 1
that's what they call Grease!
zennermd 1
Like landing on a pillow.
It was a good landing as it always is if the human cargo leave the plane on foot!

I recall an arrival on a Sri Lankan A340 at LHR, expected a bump but it never came, landed on a cushion of air which was the theotetical method using the physics of flight.

I also recall an arrival on a AA B767, it was if the pilot still had Air Force procedures on his mind.

There we go, some are good but many are just boys with their toy's it seems to me!!!
bees31ballard 1
Nice.. Thanks for sharing
bighoss81 1
No broken glass!
Ricky Scott 1
Beautiful landing.
Been on a few with pilots like that, you barely know you have landed.

Course been on a lot that i think were former Navy Carrier pilots.
siriusloon 1
The mains touched twice. That's a bounce by any definition. A gentle one, but still a bounce.
preacher1 1
One of us needs to look again. I didn't see a bounce. I saw a touchdown and then strut depression but no bounce, unless maybe a little strut rise after depression but the gear never came back off the ground that I could see
preacher1 1
I can remember one time in the late 60's when Texas International was still flying and Pan Am was opening their 747 flight traing school at Roswell NM. I picked up the flight at ABQ It had TI's senior pilot on there and he was PF. There were nearly a plane load of PanAm drivers on there. It was a DC9, and when we came down, you didn't even know you had touched down and naturally there was an uproar in the cabin. After we taxied in, Cap came over the intercom and said "Boy's, that's the way it's done", then stood out side the cockpit shaking hands with all of them as they deplaned. A sight to see, a man taking pride in his work, BUT, when we got into DAL, we got the same thing so he wasn't just showing off.
Isn't autoland wonderful?
preacher1 1
You aren't insinuating that was automation and not pilot skill, are you?lol
preacher1 1
Robert: FA is still working on the page and things are still out of order. The sarcastic reply above was supposed to be to Wayne


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