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World War II German bomber raised from sea floor

A World War II German bomber, likely the last of its kind, has been raised from the bottom of the English Channel and will be restored for display in a British museum. "It has been lifted and is now safely on the barge and in one piece," Ajay Srivastava, a spokesman for RAF Museum, told the BBC. ( More...

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sparkie624 3
Appears that they are going to show off their WWII Handy Work :)

I'm absolutely astonished that none of these survived...
mark tufts 2
i would like to see the plane after restoration
Philip Martin 0
Doesn't seem like there's a lot to work with there. The RAF Museum has its work cut out for it. Looking forward to seeing the "after" pictures.
ilkleymoor 1
Yes Philip, I would not invest a dime in trying to restore that pile of junk.


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