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$1.9M Of Gold Bars Found ... In Airplane Toilet?

An aircraft cleaning crew found 280 gold bars worth $1.9 million inside the toilet of a plane belonging to Middle East discount airline Flydubai. The Daily Mail of London says "cleaners stumbled across the bullion when they were cleaning the plane's bathroom" last week after the jet flew from Dubai to the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka. ( More...

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sparkie624 1
That is on lav I would not have minded cleaning out... LOL.. Somebody has got to do it...
280 gold bars? Must be teeny-weeny tiny bars to yield only 70lb..
sparkie624 1
Smaller the better.... Easier to clean up and move....
My friend Christoff du plessis, nearly 100g each, the standard 'gold biscuit' size !
That's what is called bad eating habits !
Ingest only what you can digest .


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