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Why a US Airways Pilot Kept American Pilots From His Jumpseat

No pilot group has paid a higher price, since the Sept. 11 attacks triggered a round of airline industry restructuring, than the ones at US Airways. ( More...

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Andy Bowland 3
The jumpseat is a privilege...not a right. No one wrote an article about the handful of times I have been denied a jumpseat, for arbitrary reasons--like "I don't like your company"' or "I don't allow RJ pilots on my jumpseat"--and what did I do, say thank you and left. I didn't cry to my union, which is why the jumpseat agreement is in jeopardy because the guys who were denied, told their union who wrote a memo informing 100% of the AA pilots who will now be on the lookout for USAir pilots to deny the jumpseat.

It doesn't matter the reason, which is completely left out of the article--and really not about a denied jumpseat but about the east/west debacle.

Really the breadth of this tiny jumpseat denial makes me think the three "pilots" were management types and should have been traveling on a bought ticket, not a jumpseat.
Tim Duggan 1
I agree completely. Too bad some did abuse it, as shown in that link below my post (the one from "Airline Pilot Central", 2010). Except management (at my company) would take their guaranteed seat (usually F/C), and not bother with the J/S for personal or business travel.

One tine (years ago) I was on a PS0 (Positive Space, highest priority) for a deadhead and as usual, the damn thing was overbooked, so I told the gate I'd volunteer to J/S.

I walked onboard the Airbus, and straight to the flight deck (where I saw pilots)...and next thing I'm being screamed at by this woman...turns out SHE was the Captain, and was in the galley talking to F/As. I honestly didn't even see her, there. But, SHE decided to read me the riot act, how I had no right to ignore her, blah, blah, blah...I wanted to say some choice words, but instead just calmly told her that I had already had a seat in the back and was just helping out the Agents. And, that I'd be happy to NOT ride her (GDammed) jumpseat!

By my staying professional, (and, I was a little embarrassed for her), she was eventually, it can work both ways. An arrogant prick (male OR female) with a chip on their shoulder.
Don't you think that law and legalities are abused not only in courts but out side the courts also. And that too by the non legal persona !
The distinction between ' Right " and the " Privilege " ! Exploited to the hilt by guys as simple and as non legal minded as pilots !
Strange but true.
PhotoFinish 1
"While a seniority ruling should make 49% of those affected unhappy, Nicolau made two-thirds unhappy. The other third worked at America West. The majority voted to leave ALPA after 53 years and to form USAPA."

This experience at US is certainly what led ALPA to bend over backward to make sure that United pilots (the larger group) was happy in their seniority list integration, even if the CO pilots (the smaller group) were not fairly treated and were unhappy with the combined seniority list.
AWAAlum 3
I worked with ALPA when I was in Labor Relations at America West. I don't know why they voted to leave ALPA - one union's pretty much the same as the next.
Perhaps they thought the grass would be greener?
Only to realize that the lane you left for the 'faster' one is slower than the one you left.
nathan keizer 1
Why does this have to be a public issue? Part of the problem with the world today is we make many issues that should be dealt with internally public issues. If the situation needs to be reviewed internally, then do so, but involving the entire US, or world for that matter will provide no benefit in problem resolution.
Crying to the union will only escalate the problem, and cause more frustration and negativity between each other. I see no positive outcome in making this issue open to the public.
Make work a happy place! Encourage one another!
Good Luck!
AWAAlum 2
You have a point - but this is, as you know, "the information age".
Without meaning to disagree, every age has been the 'then' age of information. Due to then prevailing technological advances.
Ptolemy failed to prove earth rotates BUT Galileo succeeded. Because he succeeded in creating a telescope and hence prove his hypothesis. That was their kind of ' information age ' .
today, we have our own kind .
Viva la the information age.
AWAAlum 1
Because "every age" has been, that must include this it's a good thing you didn't mean to disagree, since unwittingly you actually agreed.
I agree definitely. I was afraid that language of my response not seem like 'agreeing' kind.
I have across an interesting reference dt. Oct. 29, 2010, on a portal " AIRLINE PILOT CENTRAL " to jump seat etiquette based on what ALPA Jumpseat Committee website recommends
link to this portal
AWAAlum 2
I'm not clear on what point you're trying to make. Would you be good enough to explain?
Just the guidelines for availing the jump seat previlege !
Have I answered your query ?
My apologies if I failed.
AWAAlum 1
I've read the article 4 times now and even though it's titled "Why a US Airways Pilot Kept American Pilots From His Jumpseat" I can't find the why, only that he did. I'm very clear on jumpseat etiquette and who is authorized to utilize it. I can guess why, but unless I'm clearly missing something in the article, I don't see the reason stated.
Tim Duggan 1
Donna...I cannot speak precisely as to this USAir Captain's exact state of mind, but: In my experience, and having lived through several mergers, there can be some who become so angry at a situation (the merger) that they feel powerless...emasculated...and act out childishly, and lacking professionalism.

I've seen it countless times.

So, when you stated that you can "guess why", I'm thinking that your "guess" is likely along the same lines as mine, here.

What is missing from the article is the "legacy" of the "USAir" pilot, also. Ex-HP? Or, possibly ex-Trump Shuttle, or (gasp), PSA (although, the PSA acquisition was a LONG time ago). In any case, it appears that he is not a "happy camper".
AWAAlum 1
It's really a shame the pilots are taking it out on one another, when none of them are to blame for what they're angry about - they're the victims. Those AA pilots didn't choose a merger any more than the USAir or AWA pilots did. They need to try to grow up and accept that they have to go with the flow, cuz petty little acts like this aren't going to fix anything, merely make it worse.
U R abs right. Every profession professes professional courtesy . Some follow, some do not !
Sadly :-(
James Branch 1
I'm Sure Something Was Wrong With the jump seat. It could have been dangerous. Luckily the crew put safety first.
spatr 2
Nice. ;)
AWAAlum 2
How are you sure of that?
With 'that' jump seat not being ridden by that particular pilot , the safe arrival proves the reasons !
;-p ;-p
AWAAlum 1
You're assuming had he utilized it there would have been no safe arrival. That seems flawed to me.
Students of harmonics know that some frequencies compound . And in some cases such a superimposition can be fatal . Like the synergy of two negatives can be explosive !
:-p :-D


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