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Daring One-Wheel Mountainside Helicopter Rescue

Mountain Rescue Aspen and the HAATS Unit from the Colorado National Guard work together to evacuate a man who had fallen on North Maroon Peak. ( More...

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Jim Quinn 2
Outstanding! Aircrew AND ground unit are true professionals! Kudos to all involved....
Class! but they forgot 2 guys... :-)
joel wiley 2
3 if you count the cameraperson
James Howard 1
I wonder if the pilot learned that trick in Afghanistan?
oowmmr 1
That pilot is a surgeon. Even when the rescuee and all the rescuers caused some CG movement the pilot held a deft touch and righted the chopper. I wonder if the others felt like the blast would blow them of the precipice.
sparkie624 1
Most certainly... That certainly was not his first time in the cockpit of that Bird...
joel wiley 1
Another day in the back country office. Didn't even need a stokes litter.
sparkie624 1
Wow.. That was crazy.... Job well done.


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