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These Are the Sad Remains of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program

Russian photographer and urban explorer Ralph Mirebs just published one of the saddest photoseries on space exploration. He managed to get inside an abandoned hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where two Burans—the prototype space shuttles of the Russian space program—are slowly decaying in their burial crypt. ( More...

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Lloyd Boyette 35
Seriously gentleman. I don't put these up so we can turn this into a hate group. Show some class and either comment on the post and what you like about it or keep it to yourself. This is not the place to air out your laundry.
Gary Miller 3
I wonder what Von Braun would think of this.
Burkhard Renk 3
Just to add that one Buran is well conserved in a Museum in Speyer/Germany.
I CAN'T even believe anyone would try to blame Obama on vc shutting down the shuttle budget, wake up idiot!
Call me naive (I'm sure this will happen), however so long as the spirit of space exploration revolves around flag flying and chest beating...there will be no actual space exploration; just the continued addition of debris orbiting earth all geared toward making a few bucks and inflating egos. I hope that one day we will get past this, and actually begin to pursue space exploration in a serious way.
WhiteKnight77 1
Some of the very products we use today are straight from the space race where we sent men to the moon, even if it was to show that we had the better missile arsenal to the Soviet Union. Everything from Google Earth/Maps (as well as the phone app), Corning Ware, computers (there were others working on this too) and lots of other products we use daily are a direct result of it. NASA has always had a mandate to find consumer uses for anything it develops. Satellite communications as well as TV and GPS devices one uses to find their way about town or on road trips, are all part of that space debris. If you use none of that, fine, but since you are posting here, you should not be complaining about said debris that has actual uses.
Did you read in the comments that it was equipped with a ramjet to allow a "go around". I never heard that before. Interesting.
It is always sad to see programs end. I wish the Russians would put there equipment on display as NASA did with the Shuttles. That does take a private organization to pick up the pieces, but the government can help with the initial donations and transportation to the display area. The collapse of the Soviet Union killed most of their non-military space adventures. The US public lost interest and the Congress responded with budget cuts. When the clocks ran out on the Shuttles, there was no program in place. We do have the private sector picking up some of the slack. I hope a valuable resource is found on the Moon or some Near Earth Object that will cause a good reason to "colonize" space. Just takes some time.
"their equipment" - Wish I could edit the original post - sigh.
ken young 1
No worries.
"their equipment" - Wish I could edit the original post - sigh.
Peter Crew 1
Wait,,,,didn't the hangar collapse, a couple of years ago, destroying Buran????
Bryan Nethery 1
If you read the comments of the article and google it, you'll see that there was one destroyed in the incident to which you refer, but these are different vehicles.
oowmmr 1
Outrageous. I never knew about that part of their program.
WhiteKnight77 1
While we do not have rotting frames of rockets or other space vehicles, we have plenty of rotting space infrastructure. There are plenty of works at Cape Canaveral that is no longer used and even moreso now that the Shuttle program has ended. It is sad to see that those are rotting away there, but I have also seen pics of what is still in use and it is a wonder it is still usable. One should never see the rebar in reinforced concrete and there is plenty of that at Baikonour.
These photos are really sad. I did not know the Soviets even had a shuttle program. However, appears that the air frame design looks nearly identical to our shuttle fleet. Reminds me of looking at current photos of the Houston Astrodome and even worse the Pontiac Silverdome. I agree that these spacecraft should be cleaned up and displayed in museums.
ken young 1
Amazing how similar the exterior resembles that of the US Shuttles.
I checked Google Maps....This is in a very remote location. I wonder what the city which no doubt depended on the wages generated by the Cosmnodrome, is doing today.

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siriusloon -4
Right, and Dubya was such a beacon of shining light when it came to helping NASA.
Ric Wernicke -9
That copycat shuttle has never been in space anymore than the Space Needle in Seattle.
djames225 2
OK-1K1 made an automated full earth orbital flight unmanned and returned on its own in was destroyed in 2002 when the roof of the hanger it was in collapsed...a test craft and OK-1K2 are shown in these photos with the 1 having mostly black nosed underside being OK-1K2...ohh and it may look slightly similar shapewise but thats it..Buran was bigger hence the need for the AN225 as the Myasishchev VM-T wasnt cutting it...another thing is the Buran never used its engines at launch...only the Energia rocket assembly was used!
siriusloon 2
It made one flight. When did the Space Needle do that?
ken young 2
Did you not know the Space Needle is actually a neuro neuralizer for the "Men in Black"?
Ric Wernicke 1

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djames225 3
Truth be known the shuttle shape was actually a German invention
Thos. Bb 5
NASA congratulated the Soviets after the the completion of the first (and only) orbital flight, immediately. Western intelligence services and reconnaissance units confirmed the successful test flight some days later.
Where do you live? Behind the moon? In a fall-out.shelter?
Ric Wernicke -4
Soviet propaganda acumen was at the apex of the art in the Russian Shuttle program. Find one person who witnessed the launch. Where is the film of the launch and landing? Who were the members of the free press reporting the launch?

There is film of every US shuttle launch and landing. An independent press covers the US space program in person and up close.

When reporters inquiring about the alleged vehicle got too close it was destroyed by a building collapse. Terrible accident...

I am curious Thos. are the "Western intelligence" services you relied on for confirmation the same ones who lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, or the ones who allowed a postman to land a gyrocopter on the Capitol lawn even after he sent them a letter that he was gonna do it?
djames225 1
Why dont you use Google before putting pen to paper??..there are videos of launch and landing...back in Buran's days, there was no "free press" in the USSR
Ric Wernicke 1
Do not believe everything you see on youtube. Those are less than clever animations designed to look like docmentary film. If actual film exists it would be at a legitimate archive.


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