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Starting Oct. 12: Continental charges for food in economy

Beginning Oct. 12, Continental will start charging for snacks and meals in economy class on most domestic and Canadian flights and to some Latin American destinations. Food will still be free in first class, on other international flights and domestic flights longer than six and a half hours. ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 0
Note that they announced their intentions to make this change back in March, but this is the announcement of the official date when this pricing change will occur.
Daniel Baker 0
This is a great decision and a sign of the times. Although people will complain about "yet another fee," the reality is that the cost is negligible to customers and the food product will be much higher quality.
Mark Duell 0
Charge for food? Great.
Keep the cheeseburger? WTF
Chip Hermes 0
I find the cheeseburger to be a delicious treat. I just wish it came with fries or maybe with a better salad.

John Case 0
Continental will be spelled U-N-I-T-E-D by then, and so goes the transition.
I'd bet UNITED had their hand in this one .. even if it never did come to be.
ran3114 0
Hmmm! Will the "brown bags" of those attempting to "brown bag it" survive passing through security? If they do survive, will Continental impose a surcharge on those brown bags as yet another profit center?
Jeff Lawson 0
Maybe they could have a bag opening fee, much like how restaurants located in dry counties have a corking fee when you bring in your own bottle of wine!
As both a former TWA employee and Travel Agent: It was once the theory that the airlines, preferred passengers did not carry their own food to eat, because if they were taken ill, it would be hard to show who's food make them sick .. Passenger food or Airline food ... so now, it looks like they want people to pay for the food as an insurance policy, in case they are sued for food poisioning ...


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