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Anti-Gulf Airline Lobby Group Throws Shade at Emirates for Cutting Back U.S. Services

The Partnership for Open & Fair Skies has criticised Emirates for cutting back services on five routes to the United States. It argues that the Gulf airline is propped up by state subsidies and says: "That Emirates would refer to itself as “profit oriented” is simply laughable." ( More...

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I'm confused (it took a while!) Do our transatlantic cousins in the former colonies want "globali(z)ation and fair & open competition" or do they now want to whinge about "unfair" competition? I wish they would make up their minds.

Surely, if Emirates cut back on their services to the US of A, surely these whingers (is their acronym relly "POFS"?) should chalk it up as a "win"?

Or am I missing something here? Discuss.
Mike Monk 3
POFS should target its criticism to the cause of the cut backs.
It is their governments protectionist policies that makes the airline cut back services. It is a common belief amongst my peers that US airlines should stay within the USA because the service that they all provide is very substandard and in most hardly fit for purpose.
I for one do not like being treated as a subordinate by anybody let alone an arrogant, uneducated and bossy flight attendant with delusions of superiority.
william baker 1
Well that's one way for an airline to get on top of the news list and be the one most talked about. I'm sorry for the passengers they are affecting thou.


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