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Boeing factory where Trump delivered jobs speech to lay off 200 workers

The South Carolina Boeing plant where President Trump gave a speech promising to protect U.S. jobs says it's laying off workers. Boeing confirmed to CNNMoney Thursday that it's cutting about 200 jobs at its plant in South Carolina. This is the first round of layoffs at the factory since it began making the 787 Dreamliner there in 2009. Speaking at the plant in February, Trump promised a crowd of assembly workers, managers and executives that "jobs is one of the primary reasons… ( More...

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it is unfortunate that mr trump has tried to give the impression on many fronts, that he is "the great jobsmaker",as often it is a slowdown in manufacturing or whatever,or its automation because we are going into the future,not back to the 1950's...I read an article about the possible layoffs at boeing quite some time ago..this is not new...
Bah, never let reality get into the way of internet idiocy. One of the biggest problems Boeing has is mirrored with companies such as Harley Davidson - the Unions are putting themselves out of work. Period. They simply cant take on the mindset that "something is better than nothing", for them (well, the representatives for the dogmatic plebeians) it is "everything, or nothing...I am going home!!! - stomping feet).

I sure wish that at my facilities we could replace some of the people with robots. Sure would make life easier for everyone.
TWA55 1
How true, enough said, hello Detroit
Pat Tolaj 2
Well, it's already been a known fact for a while now that Trump is very good at making people believe bullshit. Hell, he has a good chunk of the nation doing so . Lol!
Few days ago (and seriously) one of my staff members was spouting such drivel (in Florida mind you - bad idea). Due, with at least 50% of the fact that her beliefs were not in line with the rest of the medical practice she was working at - in addition to causing undue conflict...she is now an unemployed CNA. But in reality, if at 40+ years of age all you can accomplish is a CNA and constant gripe like most libs...I suppose maybe she can get a job at Circle K.

I really do get a kick out of firing folks such as her. We also (and seriously) look at bumper stickers on the vehicles of applicants. Wrong bumper sticker = no job (marijuana leaves are on par with Hillary stickers as to who will not get hired).
Randy Marco 1
Recor, SERIOUSLY... you want to post that you are THAT much of a small minded dolt to STILL choose to support and believe "alternative facts" over the reality that trumpf is, in fact, a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, cheat, conman, who has loans and personal ties to the Russian's, had foreign agents that were his campaign advisors AND has NOT created one job.

You proudly support Repugnant governance of Florida which is the 3rd highest net NEGATIVE state in America by a LONG SHOT and which is firmly on the Federal Government tete TAKING $7.87 BACK from the Federal Government for every measly $1 its citizens pay into the Federal Government in taxes. Florida could not survive without the productive parts of America paying for YOU because you Floridians would rather be a takers and NOT pay state taxes to support yourselves and your own state.

Truth is, YOU are a typical Repugnant whom espouses self sustenance all while in REALITY you personally are a TAKER on Federal WELFARE.

SO, how does it feel that YOU are a Federal Welfare Recipient and are a TAKER that I have to support with my tax dollars?

Further, you work in the medical field and support the Repugnant's whose only agenda is to create an American Taliban Theocracy, with the objective of controlling bodies and minds, destroying health care and cutting taxes for Billionaires. FACT IS, you by your own admissions are a supreme hypocrite and a sorry example of a human.

Even the synapse challenged Repugnant's in Kansas finally had to RAISE taxes after cutting them, then watching their state deficit balloon to unsustainable levels, decimating their economy and LOSING jobs. The Kansas Repugnant tax cut disaster was exacerbated by instituting trickle down economics; which has been unequivocally proven to be non effectual, it is such a disaster even Reagan had to raise taxes because it does NOT work, although full credit for Reagan's decision that he must raise taxes to stem the deficit he was generating probably lies with Nancy's astrologist.

I could give you FACTS for infinitum; however, sadly people like you with malformed dendrites have no ability to process facts nor reality; but please have some self respect, START paying your own way by voting to pay taxes into your State and get Florida off Federal Welfare! I'm sick and tired of paying for you LOSER, hypocrites!
RECOR10 -1
See, what most liberals do not understand...just because YOU have insurance (plan X) does not at all mean our facility has to accept that plan (in network or otherwise). From there, most people can not even afford their deductibles with most of the non-employer based plans. Then there is the situation where words from MOST of the people on public funded plans are "I am going to sue" - um, no you wont because we will not treat you!

Plus, another bonus is that looks like we will get another SCOTUS pick! Oh, and trust me sport, the AMA does not speak for even 10% of physicians who are in private practice or specialty groups. For the past decade AMA is akin to belonging to AAA...pretty much a waste.
Tim Marks 0
Recor, the left wingers have resorted to name calling again, since that seems to be their best defense. Their fake news and half truths they stick to for all arguments do not pan out when the facts are checked, so I let them blow off their steam and let them feel like they have won something - since they can't seem to win an election to save themselves.
RECOR10 -1
I know I know. I try not to stoop to their level. I guess wanting our work environment to have a level of homeostasis and peace makes me a hateful person. Same reason we do not hire Christian Scientists in our surgical group. Simply, there is no winning some arguments.
linbb 1
Sorry kids its not due to Trump but due to Boeing doing some house cleaning as a normal business thing and partly due to the slowdown in the airliner demand that has been going on since last year. You know when Obama was in office.
I do not think the article is saying that it is Trump's fault that the layoffs are happening. It is a cyclical business, but probably easier to achieve the layoffs in SC than in unionized Washington State.
Chris Smith 3
Washington State sites are experiencing layoffs right now too. Check out any of the news stories in the Everett Herald.
Tim Marks -3
The article came from CNN - Clinton News Network - so the tagline and first few paragraphs - which is about as far as most people will read - is trying to pointing the finger at President Trump, even though there is wording later on in the article about this layoff being Boeing's doing. This is how the liberal news media pushes their leftwing agenda by feeding information in the order in which they want it to be disseminated and the facts may be included - but they will certainly be watered down.

Randy Marco 3
Tim, your comment is a typical non sequitur by the ill-informed!
Randy...but Tim is in fact correct in his assessment.
Tim Marks 0
Recor, I was going to leave this one alone, since there is no convincing the left leaning crowd that their opinions are sometimes flawed. Thanks for the reply of common sense from someone else can step back and look at the big picture.


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