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Sino-Russian long-haul CR929 advances slowly

The CRAIC consortium, formed by aircraft manufacturers Chinese COMAC and Russian UAC, now has a structure and has confirmed its initial schedule. The preliminary design of the future long-haul CR929 and the choice of subcontractors will be announced in 2018. Its entry into service is planned in 2025 for the moment. ( More...

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djames225 4
Im wondering if the Aviadvigatel PD28 and PD35 will be ready to bolt on these along with the Pratt's
djames225 1
Another engine to throw in the mix is the Kuznetsov PD30...seems it is suppose to either replace the AN-124 and AN-225 engines and or be the engine for a new cargo craft that will replace the 124
Ric Wernicke -2
That sounds like a crash worthy combination.
djames225 5
And why is that Ric?..Airbus and Boeing both use UAC and Chinese firms to build parts for their craft and I think the Russian engineers will have most influence.
Tom Novak 2
True, apart from the fuselage, UAC will take care of all.
Ric Wernicke 1
Neither country has any history of making quality large aircraft, nor even supplying the highest technically sophisticated assemblies needed to make a competitive jet engine.

Sure with enough supervision and hand-holding they can make some commodity parts used on aircraft, but don't turn your back for a second.

The parts Boeing and EADS makes in those countries are more for greasing the skids for the sales department rather than economy and efficiency for manufacturing.
paul gilpin 1
speaking of technical assemblies, makes one wonder why the US buys the RD-80 from russia rather than building one theirselves. not only that, but NASA input directly linked to sanctions on russia specifically references imports of RD-80 are not affected by the sanctions.
djames225 1
Id say Russia is ok making large aircraft..seems they know enough that US use the 124's and 225 quite a bit..and that Aviadvigatel PD-14 is no slouch..true their older jet engines were real keroscene burners, but the dang things didnt break.
Oh and those parts Boeing and EADS get made by UAC..dont kid yourself as they are not just for greasing skids.
djames225 3
And by large aircraft, you can rule out the TU-154 and TU-144..those 2 were accidents just waiting to happen
bartmiller 0
Both the 124 and 225 fly with some interesting extra cargo: spare engines and mechanics.

djames225 1
Id love to know where those emgines are..last time I was in the 225, didnt see any engines in the cargo bay nor mechanics..a couple flight engineers and some spare parts..when she popped a cork in Leipzeg Nov. 2016 and #2 started acting like it had afterburners going, mechanics from Motor Sich flew over and repaired it.


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