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Airline Pilots Unite Against Single-Pilot Cargo Aircraft Proposal

FAA reauthorization legislation includes funding for a study that backers say could solve the pilot shortage. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 2
Stupid is as stupid does! If the aircraft requires two pilots then it requires two pilots whether it be cargo, pax, ferry flights, test flight, whatever. Single engine, light twin or other single pilot certified aircraft are already covered in the Regs!
ffrcobra1 4
Well, you’d think the same logic would apply to rest requirements to avoid fatigue, but cargo pilot’s are allowed a longer duty day. Apparently they don’t tire as quickly as passenger plane drivers. Or, could it be that the cargo industry greases the wheels of power more liberially than the passenger industry. When a cargo plane plows into a populated area the FAA will do their usual “we’re shocked and are going to do something about it” routine, just like they did with the CFM56 fan blades after the SW incident back in April.
Highflyer1950 4


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