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Canadian airlines impose cannabis ban on pilots and cabin crews

That’s the rule Canada’s airlines have laid down for pilots, mechanics and other front-line personnel in advance of this week’s legalization of recreational marijuana use. ( More...

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Cansojr 2
Marijuana has no place in the aviation profession. Would you trust your life to mush-headed clowns who are stoned out of their skulls. AME's have no business with it either. Would you trust a major inspection in the faulty hands of stoned engineers. Passengers caught smoking dope in flight should be banned and put on the no fly list.A family member who is an Oncologist explained to me that pot is more carcinogenic than cigarette smoke or electronic smoking devices (They should be banned too). Just quit smoking, you will taste food again.
Alan Winn 2
none, I agree, it affect too many motor and cognitive functions.. no place near any aviation job!


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