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Bombardier To Sell Q400 Program To Viking Air

Canadian airplane manufacturer Bombardier has announced the surprising sale of its Q Series program and De Havilland trademark to a wholly owned subsidiary of Longview Aviation capital Corp. (Viking Air) for approximately $300 million. ( More...

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jbqwik 2
It's as if the pizza maker wants to make only cheese pizzas, nothing else.
I wonder if there was government influence at work.
Why don't they just get out of airplanes altogether
chalet 1
Bombadier's Learjet line up is very weak, their rolling stock business is not in good shape either for the same reason: too many manufacturers chasing the same small number of potential clients.
All this saddens me because the crj is my favorite plane and they have a proud history with the dash 8. All this selling out, I don't know if it is sound strategy. Lots of layoffs too recently. I hope they can recover.


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