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Bombardier revamps Learjet 75 with six-passenger Liberty

Bombardier has launched the Learjet 75 Liberty – a "rescoped" version of its light jet that trims accommodation and options to bring the list price below the crucial $10 million mark. ( More...

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Kyle Griffin 1
I think these are the most beautiful airplanes in the private jet world.
bentwing60 2
And the early ones were as entertaining to fly as they were to look at!
Nice! I'll take 3. :-D

The Learjet does feature a distinctive and highly attractive design that has withstood the test of time.
bbabis 1
It's a beautiful aircraft but its main competitors the CJ3+ and Phenom 300e are both single pilot certified which is a big plus in today's pilot shortage world. No one has to operate them single pilot but the point is that you can.


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