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American mechanic accused of sabotage was previously fired from another airline

An American Airlines mechanic charged last week with sabotaging a plane with 150 people on board was previously fired from another airline for committing multiple mechanical mistakes, according to court records. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was fired from Alaska Airlines, part of Alaska Air Group Inc. (NYSE: ALK), in 2008 after he helped install the wrong type of battery on an aircraft. Soon after, Alani, a native of Iraq, filed suit against Alaska claiming he was fired based on his national… ( More...

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This article and others plainly state that he worked for Alaska and American Airlines simultaneously. Neither airline had rules forbidding this. American would be unaware of the Alaska termination if he is already an American employ and have no reason to do another background check.
Also background checks as a rule do not usually uncover a direct reason for termination. Employers fear legal repercussions if they disclose specific information, so if asked the question whether they would rehire, you usually get a yes or no answer only.
jim78418 7
Being clocked in to both jobs at the same time seems dishonest and indicative of a persons character. IMHO
sparkie624 19
WOW... No respect for a Mechanic like that... Hope they throw the book at him... Makes all us Mechanics look bad...
But as a pilot, we know you aren't!
Mark Kortum 9
It is highly likely that his screw-ups at Alaska were not mistakes or accidents. All the "errors" involved important flight systems. Fortunately, he was too incompetent to do it effectively given 29 years of opportunity to do so. The clocking in on two jobs at the same time is a good indicator of his integrity.
I agree with Peter. When will we learn?
Dale Ballok 6
....then he uses discrimination as his defense! Shows the type of person he really is.
Would a firing squad be appropriate?
jena weber 1
Firing squad? I'm available.
Peter Steitz 4
It's a scary world in which we live. We had two Iranian flight students in my Air Force flight school back in 1967. We were training Iranian pilots. Lots has changed since then.

We've had many shootings and bombings from supposed Americans. Some had ties to the Mid East and some did not. I'm not passing judgement but when I hear a person's name of 5 words in a spelling I don't understand, I get cautious. I wonder what nick name this mechanic went by. I surely would not address him by his full name. To me, his name sounds Saudi but I don't know.
I don’t know how you figured out the nationality by the name, this is discrimination.. FYI, there are 22 Arabian nations. I wonder how 🤔🤔🤔
Peter Steitz 5
Wake up. That is NOT discrimination. People today are soooooo sensitive and use discrimination all the time. I also said I didn't know for sure about the Saudi name. I can tell by your name you are probably Arabic. It's interesting to try and figure where a name originated. I have a friend named Waleed Hishma. He taught me how to make Taboueh. Actually, Waleed is a variant of Walid.

We all have origins and names from those places. I'm German/Polish. Father German, Mother Polish.

Have a nice day.
I not sorry for what I have written, the article mentioned the nationality of the person. The replies after showed how silly they are. I am proud to be Arabian.
Peter Steitz 1
Give me your tabouleh recipe. I can be your friend. Don't be sorry. Most of the people in the Mid East are good people. There just are radicals and governments to screw things up.
Debby Johnson 2
Interesting. I wonder what happened to the other planes he worked on? The ones that maybe someone didn't catch his "error"?
Just his name alone would lead me to very cautious in considering him for employment.
AWAAlum 1
It seems to me that these events would have been significant enough than it would have been circulated throughout the industry. I don't understand why American didn't act on this and release him as well.
matt jensen -1
Failure to do a background check
Peter Steitz -2
You only have to notice his name and place of birth.
habachi -1
That's not appropriate.
Gene Poon 3
YES IT IS. This man could have put an aircraft into the ground and killed all aboard, as effectively as did the evil Muslim dreck on 9/11. Have we already forgotten? Are we THAT politically correct?
Agree with Gene. Backing you up to the end on this one.
habachi 1
I see you're a bigot too. I agree that he put lives at risk, but someone with a western name such as Kevin Williams could have done the same thing.
Can you name the religions of all the past terror-persons in the last twenty years?
"Bigot?" If that is the best retort that you have then crawl back into your biased hole!
good grief! american used to be very selective in who they hired for any position, and mechanics were monitored by supervisors and sometimes people who would travel to various bases for maintenance and double check ...its odd how this person slipped through the cracks and was hired..surely at the time they were not that hard up for trained people..i knew of one mechanic at aa who was fired,but not for his was for his lack of work as he slept a a lot on the job and was caught sneaking out on the clock to visit his girlfriend!!!
Yvon Dionne -4
Whomever hired him should be fired for not doing a proper background check!
AWAAlum 2
I believe he had already been hired by both carriers prior to the actions leading to his dismissal from Alaska.
Kyle Beller 3
You don't think they background check to be a mechanic at a legacy U.S. carrier? LMAO!
sparkie624 3
Believe me... ALL US Carriers are required to do very through background checks... Not to mention Drug Checks... Mechanics can put an a/c in the ground just as quick as a pilot can! No pun intended.... But we have to have mechanics that are not only competent, but also drug/alcohol free and no criminal history.
AWAAlum 1
Of course I do. You may be misreading what I said. (I'm being generous there) But I'll try and make it clearer: Upon running a background check, he probably would not have had any negative reports because he was hired BEFORE these acts. You still LYAO?
That gets a double 'Amen!'
Larry Morgan 0
Just his should tell you something.


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