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The World's Largest Seaplane Pulls Off Its First Waterborne Flight

China’s first seaplane, the AG600 “Kunlong,” took off from water for the first time this weekend, validating the craft’s water takeoff capability. Kunlong is the world’s largest seaplane, and though Chinese state media doesn’t mention, it will undoubtedly have military applications. The seaplane will be essential, flying from the mainland to Beijing’s island bases in the South China Sea. The aircraft will also be useful locating and rescuing downed pilots in wartime. ( More...

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rebomar 1
First land flight December 2017.
First water takeoff October 2018
First water landing July 2020.
wknicely 1
Largest? What about the H4?
matt jensen 1
What about it? It never got more than 70ft off the water and only for a mile
matt jensen 1
Happened two years ago.


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