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Spirit Resumes Hiring Pilots, Flight Attendants

Spirit Airlines has announced it is hiring new pilots and flight attendants in anticipation of a return to normal travel levels in 2021. It’s also hiring flight instructors and flight attendant recruiters as it gets ready for recovery. “We’ll be a big hirer again,” CEO Ted Christie told CNBC. “Growth in the airline industry is going to be at the leisure end, and we’re the primary server of that guest.” Christie said the new hires will blend with furloughed staff as business picks up later this… ( More...

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glad to hear that...hopefully the other airlines will call back the people on furlough soon..
My son-in-law was just called back to Delta. Starts re-training on a 767 this spring. They only called back 400 pilots. Many pilots declined as they are still getting somewhat of a paycheck, and others had moved on to other jobs.


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