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Lawsuit over Indonesia 737 crash claims autothrottle problem

A lawsuit filed in Seattle against Boeing alleges that a malfunctioning autothrottle system on an older 737 jet led to the crash of the Sriwijaya Air plane into the Java Sea in Indonesia last January, killing all 62 people on board. ( More...

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Maintenance was having issues fixing the auto-throttle prior to the accident. The pilot's should have known this, and it still doesn't explain how the aircraft was allowed to plummet 13,000 feet before crashing.

Even if the auto-throttle is malfunctioning, the pilot should have been able to disable it and manually control the throttle. If all else fails they could have shut down the engines, established best glide speed and attempted and emergency landing.

It seems incredibly odd to blame the crash on the auto throttle when the plane reached 13,000 feet.
Roy Hunte 1
Seems a bit like pilot incompetence then...
joel wiley 1
For MH370, pilot incompetence translates to a Boeing design flaw.


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