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Falcon Hitches Ride On 737 (Video)

Ground engineers capture video of a falcon hitching a short ride of a 737 during engine tests at the Ciudad Real International Airport in Spain. ( More...

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bentwing60 7
If you can watch the flight of eagles, falcons, hawks and other birds of prey and 'Not' be totally in awe, then you'll never get how awesome it felt to fly old Lear 20's in the 'freight dog' days!
He is not willing to let go of the BIG prey he caught...
Daniel Griscom 2
Check out the camera's image stabilization keying on the runway; everything else (including the falcon) is jiggling all over the place, but the runway stays locked.
Ken Lane 1
Very cool video!
WhiteKnight77 1
That is awesome. Thanks.
George Pepe 1
That would be very cool if it happened on my flight.


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