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Southwest Airlines bans passenger who 'seriously assaulted' flight attendant

Southwest Airlines has permanently banned the 28-year-old passenger accused of striking a flight attendant on a Sacramento, California, to San Diego flight Sunday. The flight attendant's union said she lost two teeth. ( More...

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Mike Webb 21
Don't the airlines talk to each other? Why have they not already agreed that "banned on one of us means banned on all of us"? Its hard to believe it would be bad for business.
EMK69 13
All the airlines should ban this individual.
ImperialEagle 24
The "No-Fly" list should cover all carriers. This protects pax and employees on any of the other carriers from future outbursts.
We live in a society where people have been programed to think there are no consequences for their actions.

The thought of NEVER traveling by air again will deter a lot of this craziness.
Huck Finn -5
I don’t want to travel by air because of the draconian rules governing air travel. I’ll take the hwy anytime and leave you freedom haters sitting in your seats, eating crap aboard a scareline while some fright attendants scold and abuse you for not wearing a mask properly. Customer service anyone?
Roy Hunte 24
That passenger should be in jail.
pilotjag 21
According to a new article I read yesterday, assaulting a flight crew member is a federal offense and carries 20yr max prison sentence. So on top of her battery charge, hopefully she'll be locked up for quite some time too
jmilleratp 6
It should be the full 20 years.
Huck Finn -3
The punishment should fit the crime. Many inmates have been locked up for less time after having committed murder. A more fitting penalty would be less than a year with a lengthy probation. Crimes that have excessive punishment are more in line with the communist style of crime and punishment with most going to Siberia into a forced labor camp to exist on weak soup and stale bread, long dangerous hours spent in mines and extreme conditions.
Paul Miller 17
YES Sir she sure should be, and IF I had been on that flight ? LOL I would have done much more than just standing between her and that poor F/A like that gentleman was.... but I will say no more of that. To me she's rude and out of control, Ban Her From EVERY Airline in the USA for life.
Huck Finn -2
Would you also support her in having a fair trial to assess her guilt or innocence? Have you heard her side of the story?
bdarnell 8
"One San Diego passenger has since come forward with graphic video of the altercation and said the flight attendant shares the blame for the incident, according to TV reports."

How the hell does she "share the blame" ?
the "graphic video" that has been shown shows the woman standing over the flight attendant,climbing onto a seat back and into the aisle, and literally "pummeling" the flight attendant..if there is another video, it would be interesting to see how in ANY circumastance,a passenger is entitled to physically assault a flight attendant in that manner..the f/a lost teeth and she is shown with a bloody face!passengers are REQUITRED by FAA rules to stay seated and belted in if requested to do so by a crew member..the story is no just the mask issue, but that the woman would NOT bucke her seat belt!she deserves federal prosecution and jail time....there is NO EXCUSE!
Huck Finn -2
The woman deserves a fair trial and a jury of her peers. Anything less would be akin to a Soviet style kangaroo court.
donjohnston 2
what makes you assume she won't get a trial?
ADXbear 7
The other airlines should support Southwest and ban her as well...she is a danger to flight safety!
patrick baker 7
let her face the regulatory implications of her actions.
Robert Cowling 11
All airlines should ban her. All airlines expect 'ConAir'.

'Felony assault' should not be a badge for anyone to wear.
Robert Cowling -2
And, on a related note, Southwest is going to start service alcohol on their flights very soon, through avgas on a smoldering fire. I expect reports of violence against flight crews to tsunami in the next many months. Calls for increased air marshals on more flights have been rising in the past month. I don't know if more marshals will help, but it would at least be a positive step to deal with appearing to deal with the issue. Politicians sitting on their hands sure didn't help.

Fly safe!
dee9bee 9
I just saw this morning where American is extending the alcohol ban in coach through around Sept 23rd. I expect Southwest will do the same.
Why anyone would think that serving alcohol to people who are locked in a tube for hours, with several dozen to a few hundred strangers is a good idea is beyond me. It only takes one angry drunk to make headlines.
Dave Mathes 9
To lament on others wouldn't hurt my feelings if she was banned by every carrier forever...
Passengershould have to pay for the flight attendant's teeth to be repaired.
Huck Finn -1
This will be determined by the trial and if she is found guilty the penalty may include this. Believe me, we have no say in this matter as it is up to the sole discretion of the judge as to what penalty he/she should assess against the woman *if* she is found guilty.
Terry Briggs 3
The ban needs to apply to all air carriers, Amtrak, Greyhoud, etc. as well.
mdburd 5
Come on; wouldn't traveling by the grey dog be punishment enough?
Pat Cook 1
Motor coach seats are more comfortable than airline coach.
David Rice 2
And the audacity of that passenger (the assaulter)! Can you believe she has the guts (pun certainly intended) to wear a HALTER TOP? Wow, just wow.
darjr26 3
Her cell mates are going to love that look.
bobfiegel 2
From the linked article:

"She said the flight attendant was leaning over the woman on the aisle to get closer to the passenger by the window.

''I heard the passenger say three times something to the effect of, 'Get off of me. Don't lean on me,'' Michelle said."

(Good grief, I am lost in the depth of the quotations here -- forgive me, please.!)

Yes, I fully agree there is no excuse for passenger violence, but why did the FA feel it necessary to return and lean that far over to argue with a window-seat passenger? On the ground, already reported up-channel. Seems a bit of escalation to me, plus and more importantly, placing her torso into the far-too-little-space-already between the aisle passenger and the seatback in front of her.

Again, in my opinion no excuse for the violence, but there seems plenty of overall blame to go around. I would not want to have been the aisle passenger with an apparently agitated FA shoving her body between my face and the seat in front of me.

I wonder -- seems the mask-not-over-the-nose passenger has been lost in all of this?
Huck Finn -3
I agree that there is no excuse for throwing punches but also believe the flight attendant should have backed off her demands over the mask and waited until the aircraft landed. Enforcing the mask requirement should not nor should it ever have been the job of the flight attendant whose job is safety and the comfort of passengers. I noticed the passenger in front of the combative woman had her mask below her nose. Maybe people just want to breathe?
Dan Sherrerd 1
Is there a sour relationship between travellers and air carriers?

If the atmosphere around airline travel is so heated that two people come to physical confrontation, wouldn't it be wise to FLY CHARTER, or overland, compared to the cost of a ruined life?

Right or wrong, it's a losing outcome for her.

Pilots use cool reasoning, as should passengers. or avoid the passenger terminal, and fly GA.
SkyAware123 1
When flight attendants are expected to act as police officers enforcing mouth covers this is what happens. The passenger should never have punched her ofcourse. But... the way people have been raised these days with 0 respect for anyone this isn't surprising. It's the millennial way. You don't get to tell me what to do.
Huck Finn 0
In the article it is stated that 'One San Diego passenger has since come forward with graphic video of the altercation and said the flight attendant shares the blame for the incident, according to TV reports.' I think the passenger should be given a fair trial to see if there was some culpability on the part of the airline before passing judgement on the passenger who assaulted the flight attendant. We are too quick to judge before giving a fair hearing to all involved in the altercation. Don't be too quick to marginalize and individual for her behavior without having the opportunity to tell her story if she chooses. I repeat that the passenger should never have assaulted the flight attendant however she should have the chance to defend herself in a court of law. Banning this passenger from all transportation modes seems to be a draconian punishment imposed out of emotional response rather than reason.
No, you follow the orders of the Flight crew, no pushing back at their legal orders. She is getting what's due. Maybe more to come.
Huck Finn 0
So no due process? Isn't she entitled to a court trial consisting of a jury of her peers? The rush to judgement concerns me.
D Edwards 0
No!! The airline banned her and the police arrested her for a crime on an airplane
Huck Finn 0
No trial? If the police arrested her she must be informed of the charges against her or be set free. A trial is usually conducted, after all isn't this America, and the rights of both the defendant and the accuser must be allowed to be heard.
Why do you think there will be no trial? If a crime is committed and the perpetrator is known, they are generally arrested as in this case. Pending litigation (since this is not a capital crime) bail is posted and the defendant waits for trial. How do you not know this? Your multiple postings on that subject are inflammatory and without merit. Nothing in the article implied there would be no trial and interference of any crew member in the performance of their duties is not only a cut and dried felony by Federal Aviation Regulations but it is also a very serious security violation, which is why TSA is involved as stated.
btweston -3
I’m here for the screeds.
JR Lazar 0
these days being banned from an airline seems like more of a gift than a punishment. jail time would be about just giving the FA an opportunity to punch the woman's teeth out and call it even? jk


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