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United Airlines Will Require All 67,000 U.S. Employees to Get Vaccinated

United Airlines will require employees in the U.S. to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by late October, perhaps sooner, joining a growing number of big corporations that are responding to a surge in virus cases. Company leaders called it a matter of safety and cited “incredibly compelling” evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccines. “We know some of you will disagree with this decision to require the vaccine for all United employees,” CEO Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart told employees… ( More...

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James Lewis 19
More than millions vaccinated - over a billion worldwide and many more who want the vaccine who cannot get it yet. I will support any business which follows the advice of medical experts and ignores contrary advice from politicians and people who post their private view online. I am vaccinated and wear masks as appropriate out of consideration for myself, family, friends and people I come in contact with. Has not done me any harm and may have prevented me from getting or passing on Covid. Certainly in the area in which I live, the vast majority of people feel the same way and take their custom where they feel safe. I do not live in a police state/communist country or under any despotic government and do not find following common sense procedures any great hardship.
Deb atkinson 10
You are certainly welcome to your opinion... But others view things differently and should not be coerced into someone else's point of view. There is contrary professional opinions that are being suppressed by our so called government...why is that?
ken young 0
Simple. There are riches beyond the imagination that can be made as a result of a crisis
Paul Ollmann 8
Which medical experts? the ones on TV selling vaccine or the hometown doctors who treat the real illness. "My body My choice"
James Lewis 3
This sort of remark shows that you are not a follower of serious scientific study. If you believe in "my body, my choice", leave companies to their business their choice" and the the customers to "their choice". Then don't complain when you cannot do what you want to. How much "choice" in your life are you willing to give up? By the way, Covid is treated in hospital not by "hometown doctors"
Alan Glover 6

Woke corporations are bad enough but the government is largely OK with the coercion.

Remember what you've heard here when your government comes for you. Each piece of liberty you now forsake will never satisfy the totalitarians you currently support.
patrick baker 0
would you feel the same if california told its citizens they must rebuild the burned out homes with fire retardant materials and that everyone must purchase more fire insurance? Your thoughts of freedom and governmental intrusion are delusional when faced with an avalanche or tusnami-like situation that covid delta has evolved into. First, survive, then babble about governments and liberty. You have the freedom to pick your burial sight from this covid infestation. Get the vaccine , then hold onto your gravesite for many years to come.
Huck Finn -5
Hey Jimmy, it's 'scientific opinion' and that's just what it is 'opinion'.
No, it's scientific consensus.
ken young 2
science is neither consensus or opinion. Science is FACT.
The problem is that we as a society have been programmed to believe that science is consensus or opinion.
Alan Glover 1
You mean the medical experts who are unelected and serve this government or the medical experts censored by a ubiquitous social media Mar hing in lockstep with the authorities?

You would have had King George's back, wouldn't you have?
Love it, I read comments like Mr. Covid lab rat and his face diaper and I get pretty annoyed. These people are going to regret it, and we will hear a great gnashing of teeth.
Steven Heckler -2
Love it, I read comments like Mr. Covid lab rat and his face diaper and I get pretty annoyed. These people are going to regret it, and we will hear a great gnashing of teeth.
But wait, FDA "approval"is coming to add justification.
s s 6
If I'm vaccinated and the vaccine works (everyone now accepts even with the vaccine you can still get Covid but maybe less sick) why do I care if someone else decides they don't want to be vaccinated? Their body, their choice.
Jranderson777 -1
That’s like saying you shouldn’t care if I drive drunk and long as you are driving sober. After all, your airbags and seatbelts work, right?
s s 1
It's nothing at all like saying that and you've obviously put zero thought into your response.

Please explain why vaccinated people, now a majority in the US, should be afraid of the unvaccinated or care what vaccine choice they make?
1. Because as long as there is a sizable population of unvaccinated people among whom the virus can spread, the more it has a chance to mutate.

2. Because there are those who cannot be vaccinated for age or medical reasons. Getting vaccinated is for the benefit of the community.
Brock Nanson 2
The simple answer is, because as long as we allow it the opportunity to mutate, we run the risk of it developing into something more dangerous that puts us back to zero.

Thinking otherwise, is like the hunter that wings the grizzly and says 'aww, he's hurting, we won't see him again', as he sets up his tent for the night...
I think with the emergence of the Delta variant the answer as to why is obvious.

We are still a long way from herd immunity due to people not getting vaccinated. (with Delta the number is north of 80%)

The next mutation could be a lot worse and a lot more deadly.

If we in the US had all gotten vaccinated as quickly as possible the Delta variant would not have spread in the US. Right now we are looking at least 60,000 to 100,000 additional deaths due to people not getting vaccinated.
Jranderson777 -2
They should be concerned about unvaccinated people because even vaccinated people can get sick, and sometimes die, from this. It’s called a breakthrough infection. It’s happening and is being studied. If more people were vaccinated then the risk of community spread declines. That’s why they care.
s s 1
What a shocker! The magic vaccine really doesn't work like planned and everyone will need booster shots forever. Didn't see that one coming lol.

Gee, things kind of go to crap when CCP bioweapons (funded by US taxpayers) get unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.
ken young 2
every fall we are encouraged to get a flu shot. I fail to see the difference between a vaccine for one or the other.
FYI Why are we not openly told this by media the correct death rate of covid?
CDC shows Table 3 "COMORBIDITIES" states only 5% of deaths of 619,093 deaths are Covid on death certificate.
FYI Listed are 281,474 deaths are from influenza and pneumonia so since when did influenza and pneumonia become covid? that is 1/3 of deaths! CDC lists suicide and motorcycle accidents as Covid deaths!
Any death is a so tragic for any family. But accordiing to CDC 5% of deaths of 619,093 which is 30,954.65 Why would we shut down our country for 30K deaths? To push vaccination due to deaths of 619K is misleading. I am a Mom and studied vaccinations for my family and read many books. Everyone should consider the risk of vaccination and the risk of getting the disease. Then make their decision. Too bad that many good Utube videos that provide a real doctor's input have been censored.

Take a look CDC website -
As David K says Shannon Nygard really does not understand the CDC data.
To gave an analogy that might make the point...

If a person dies due to blood loss in a car accident Shannon would not NOT classify that as a car accident death......

Also if it is not covid-19 what is Shannon's theory, supported by clinical research, that explains all the excess deaths?


Shannon: If you are a mon and have "studied" vaccinations you will know how successful they have been in eliminating (or vastly, vastly reducing) many childhood diseases. Smallpox is gone worldwide, polio is almost gone, Mumps, Measles, and Rubella would be gone in the US if people got vaccinated properly (in the 1950s we were at thousands of deaths per year now we are down to just a literal handful, all amongst those that are not vaccinated).

We could have stopped this pandemic here in the US IF people had gotten vaccinated. In a rough estimate one could say that roughly every COVID-19 death since early May or so could have been avoided. That is approximately 60,000 people to date.. and the number is still growing.

It is all well and good going on about personal decisions etc.. However those same people who are causing the spread are getting themselves and others sick and those sick people absorb a tremendous amount of healthcare resources which impacts everybody else DIRECTLY and financially.

I would really love to hear somebody who is anti mask, anti vaccine go on record to state that they believe in personal responsibility and will therefore pick up their ENTIRE medical costs for their decision if they get COVID-19...But no that is not what is happening. Those proud "personal responsibility" citizens are filling up the hospital ICU beds and expecting the rest of us to pay for it. It seems that these statement of "personal responsibility" are just a smoke screen to hide behind.

We should also not forget about the moral issue of deliberately acting in a way that knowingly, directly harms others. I do not believe there is a moral difference between not getting vaccinated and driving drunk. Both are irresponsible actions.
Shocker7777 3
Stephen, if you are so knowledgeable about vaccines then what were the timelines from concept to fruition of a reliable and safe vaccine for mumps, measles, rubella? You may wish to research it before making comments. The vaccines you mentioned all took many years to develop, not months as with this witches brew.
aurodoc 3
The mRNA vaccines have been in development for many years and the science behind it is not as new as you think. With new technology it takes a much shorter time to research and produce a medical product than 60 years ago when it took longer to create a polio vaccine.
We live in different times now where discovery can happen quicker than in the past.

It used to take 12 hours to cross the country by airplane and in less than a year it was a 5 hour journey with the advent of the jet airplane. Technology and science will shorten the timeline for lots of invention and progress.
Brock Nanson 0
How many millions of years did it take for the first vaccine to be developed? Is that a reasonable benchmark for safe development? Should we start the clock ticking at early bipedal mammals, or perhaps assume evidence of language is necessary to reasonably begin the research?

How long does it take to develop the annual flu shot? Literally a few months, once they decide what the viruses likely to be seen actually are, so they can tailor it.

With mRNA vaccine technology, it's more of a software problem than a biology problem now.
Shocker7777 1
And when was the last time they got it right with the flu shot?
Let's just agree to disagree.
Brock Nanson 2
Perhaps you don't understand how the flu shot is prepared. They take a best guess at the strains that will be active that fall and build the vaccine to target those strains. It's a crap shoot at best, whether they get it right or not... nobody can predict which one will gain the bigger foothold in society. In some cases, they get it quite right. In others, they get it wrong, but there is still some cross-protection provided by the vaccine.

In the case of COVID, mRNA appears to be a little broader, targeting the spike protein. But the longer we allow it to run rampant, the higher the chances of a variant mutation coming along that we can't hit with the vaccine - or not well.

If people actually understood how the mRNA vaccine works and what it contains, they'd be less hesitant to get it. Unfortunately, the population has been effectively dumbed down to a point where they can't process logic or basic scientific concepts. Result: less educated areas have low vaccine uptake rates. Surprise, surprise...

It's not about agreeing to disagree. It's about being right or wrong. We're not talking about what color is the prettiest or which classic rock guitar solo is the most awesome. Opinion has no place in science or science-based decisions.
Shocker7777 1
I am fully aware of the crap shoot involved in preparing a flu vaccine. The guess work begins many months prior to the production of the vaccine.
In a recent interview with one of the scientist involved in the research and production of mRNA vaccines, he advised the FDA there are problems with the covid vaccine and they told him it would be released anyway. You may put all of your trust in science but I will not. Once the bugs are worked out I will consider it but not until then.
ken young 2
In the interim, you remain a host and as such are also responsible for the mutation of the virus.
Don't get the vaccine. That's fine with me. But, you also don't get to complain about any consequences that come as a result of your choices.
Such consequences are for example, less freedom for you. The inability to use mass transit, public travel( air, rail, bus), entry into any private business that deems its customers show proof of vaccination, entry into any large group venue for a performance, etc.
Do we have a deal?
ken young 1
In a perfect world, your comments would be spot on.
However, so called breakthrough cases make up about half if the current Covid infections.
Including yours truly and spouse.
The State Health Commissioner of New Jersey made a statement early on in the pandemic that "eventually, everyone will get Covid 19"...At first, I viewed this as an irresponsible thing to say.
After reading and researching how viruses work and the reports of apolitical virologists and experts in the field of infectious diseases, I came to the conclusion that the Commissioner's words are SPOT ON...
It is evident that you do not understand the word “comorbidity”, many of which are the result of the COVID-19 infection, eg: pneumonia, respiratory failure, among others. From the text preceding the chart:

“ Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The number of deaths that mention one or more of the conditions indicated is shown for all deaths involving COVID-19 and by age groups.” In other words all deaths were associated with COVID-19.
ken young 2
This is federal bureaucratic double speak.
The CDC is a federal department which has a leadership that serves at the Pleasure of the President.
So, the CDC will report only what that which the administration approves. Period
Shocker7777 3
I agree with Shannon.
Fact - our local coroner was encouraged to list covid as the cause of death as much as he possibly could without throwing up too many red flags. He was encouraged by the many thousands of dollars the government pays out to inflate the actual numbers.
Mike Murphy 5
There is no way on gods green earth that 90% of United pilots have been vaccinated
Tim Dyck 12
I remember when the USA put rights and freedoms on a pedestal and anyone who tried to take them away was chastised by the vast majority of Americans. Today I see people cheering on those who would take away their rights and freedoms.
Funny how things can change over a short time. I fear your republic is near the end.
You must be really old because in 1905 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the public health and safety of the country allowed the government to require EVERYONE to be vaccinated against smallpox. No exceptions. Your “freedom” ends when it can kill others.
Shocker7777 6
The smallpox vaccine was a tried and true vaccine and required many years of development and testing, not months. No thanks, I have had corona twice I will take my chances with the disease.
srobak 3
That had extensive testing (read: years) and approval before being forced upon people. if you want to be part of an experiment and clinical trial - you are welcome to do so. but absolutely nobody should be forced.

[This poster has been suspended.]

"Facts about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

They cannot give someone COVID-19.

mRNA vaccines do not use the live virus that causes COVID-19.

They do not affect or interact with our DNA in any way.

mRNA never enters the nucleus of the cell, which is where our DNA (genetic material) is kept.
The cell breaks down and gets rid of the mRNA soon after it is finished using the instructions."
The actual facts say otherwise - the new vaccines work extremely well. something north of 98% protection from getting hospitalized

As for "Covid isn't a vaccinatination" I think what you meant to say ( erroneous as it is) that the Covid-19 vaccines are not vaccines... which again the actual science says you are wrong.

You really need to develop better research skills.....
Alan Glover 2
Who is arguing with this?
Freedom isn't free or has the generation "educated" by the marxist faculty lounge had the Bill of Rights completely knocked out of them?
I wish more Americans knew what the Constitution means.

The Bill of Rights has only ever applied to action by government, not private employers. At first it didn't even apply to action by state governments. Barron v. City of Baltimore 32 U.S. 7 Pet. 243, 8 L. Ed. 672 (1833). Or you can see this in
Rob Hall -1
I fear you may be 'near the end' Tim if you don't get on board with science and facts. You also have the right to not fly on United (I wouldn't want to be sitting next to you anyway) or do business with any company that mandates vaccines. You probably should not send your kids to schools that require mandatory vaccines for polio, chicken pox, diphtheria, measles, etc, you know - like we all did as kids and no one squawked about it then - but now your rights are somehow being infringed, it's nonsense. But, as always, in a free society entitled to your opinion of facts, and you have the 'right' not travel to anywhere that requires vaccines.
Huck Finn -2
Robbie, it's 'scientific opinion' not science facts.
Steven Heckler -1
Love it, I read comments like Mr. Covid lab rat and his face diaper and I get pretty annoyed. These people are going to regret it, and we will hear a great gnashing of teeth.
John Wilhelm 6
You seem to just repost to every new comment. WHy?
Steve Smith 7
To all those people who approve of SARS- CoV- 2 vaccine mandate: you must then approve of a mandate that everyone have every vaccine, or you are amazingly hypocritical! Smallpox; polio; MMR (measles, mumps, rubella); DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus); meningitis and hepatitis B, are all incredibly great vaccines that have made an immeasurable positive affect on global human health. They have exponentially lower morbidity and mortality than the COVID vaccines. For >98% of the USA population, COVID is a much less serious illness than those diseases. Those vaccines actually prevent the disease! We know that the COVID vaccines do NOT prevent the disease or spreading of it. Yet no one is calling for broad vaccine mandates. It is baffling that mandates for the COVID vaccine are even considered.
well, those vaccine has been mandated for eons...
jmilleratp 10
You knew all the QAnon folks would be commenting on this one.
wtwisniewski 5
This pandemic is much worse than a war because the casualties are all from friendly fire. While we sicken and kill each other, the virus wins.
srobak 11
It's remedial math time... - and no, we do not use common core here.

USPOP: 333,156,663
USCOVID: 36,400,000 (1 out of every 260 people)
USCOVDEAD: 620,000 (0.9 out of every 520 people, or 0.75 out of every 46 infected)

99.813% survivability rate of USPOP
98.296% survivability rate of USCOVID

This is over the course of at least 18 months. Heart disease OR cancer both have killed that many each year for decades.

Our war is not with covid. Sorry.
blt56 0
Do we need 620,000 additional dead people? I for one welcome anything that increases my chances of surviving Covid-19.
srobak 1
you have a higher chance of getting robbed while walking down the street in 49 major cities in the US before getting covid (1 in 249 being the highest (Orlando - want to guess the 48 others that are higher chances?)

you have a higher chance getting killed in a car crash than dying by covid (1 in 334)

dying from;
heart disease: 1 in 6
cancer: 1 in 7
opiod OD: 1 in 92
falling down: 1 in 106
a gun: 1 in 289
being a pedestrian: 1 in 543
riding a motorcycle: 1 in 899
drowning: 1 in 1128
Greg S 4
Makes perfect sense for the corporate bottom line for any company, but especially so for an airline. I do wish there was a way to accommodate those who won't get vaccinated, but that really only works if only a very few need to be accommodated, not 20%.
skinutca 2
There is a way, they can find a different job. Of course the tiny percentage that have a medical reason or a deeply held religious reason will be exempted.
Rico van Dijk 6
If the vaccination was not an experimental drugs I would have no issue with this, but what if the vaccin causes cancer in 10 years? Nobody can know, it’s criminal to force people to do this.
ADXbear 26
Then the United States figured out how to exterminate over half of it own population! The economy collapses, the country can pay for anything, the tax base is gone! Does this make any possible sense?
Thomas Craig 5
yes, socialism.
Thomas Craig -1
Millions vaccinated, not experimental now.
Then why hasn't the FDA approved it after 3 billion in the world have received the Covid shot?
F. M. 4
You aren't a DES Daughter, are you? If you were, like my wife, you'd be lucky to live past the age of 20 after your mother took FDA-approved drugs to prevent miscarriages.
Silent Bob 7
Interesting. What are the long-term effects of the vaccine? Oh yeah, we don't know because they're less than a year old. Here's a quote from Johns Hopkins University: "A typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials, complete the regulatory approval processes, and manufacture sufficient quantity of vaccine doses for widespread distribution."

But yeah, let's just go ahead and declare the trial period over and mandate vaccines for everyone without regard to side effects or natural immunity for people who have had the virus and fully recovered.
Don’t go around pretending that you spent any significant amount of time on the Johns Hopkins’s website. It explains how the timeline can be accelerated in times of a pandemic.
Hans Björkman -9
Maybe you should be as your alias indicate , silent with your iq-non opinions.
Alan Glover 16
You've unironically hit on the issue.

There is a health and safety issue and then there is the issue of silencing speech and compelling behaviour.
Covid 19 kills less children than the flu.
Should flu shots be mandatory for children?

There was lots of approval for what the government was doing in Germany in the 30s. We can see who among us would have been OK with that if they had been there at the time.

Btw, vaccinated Canadian here and not really sure what qanon is.

You are not being mindful of your liberty.
Ben Franklin said those willing to give up their liberty for security will have neither.

If you think these mandates will make a difference, just watch.

Will you then support mandatory incarceration of the unvaccibated?

Because it will happen.....if you let it.
Aaron Mrozek 12
If youre free to speak your iq-non opinion, then so is he. Mandating a form of medicine that is not approved, and made at breakneck speed can make people apprehenesive of just trusting it because someone said so. Once it's in, it's never coming out. Give people the freedom to choose what they inejct into their body. Something that isn't FDA approved shouldn't make you lose your job or prevent from getting a job. 74% of the hospitals in MA are people that are VACCINATED. Doesn't make a strong argument to get it if they're still ending up in the hospital.
Wrong. If you bothered to even read the articles 74% were vaccinated (346 of 469 people infected in Provincetown, MA) due to several large public events between Jul 3-17. A total of 5 (1%) ended up in the hospital of which 4 were vaccinated. That's a STRONG argument to get vaccinated as it's not designed so you won't get Covid, it's designed to keep you out of the hospital or dead, so that study showed it's doing a very good job of doing that. You don't have the freedom to walk around exposing people to a highly contagious possibly deadly disease. 1.3 billion people vaccinated in the world so far. Come back here again after you get Covid and tell us how it worked out for you.
Alan Glover 0
You're not a thalidomide baby, are you.
Frosty1025 4
I will not be flying United at all. The experimental vaccine or any vaccine should be taken only by personal decisions and not by force. When those that have taken the vaccine start dying because of long term issues due to the vaccines, only those that refused to take it will be left alive. It is sad that humanity is willing to give up their free will by accepting what liars are telling them. I am also willing to wait it out for about three years when those that took the vaccine will start dying.
Dale Ballok -1
I hope you’ve got enough rations stored in your underground bunker to hold you over for three years!
If you like to live your life holed up at home and triple mask up when you do venture out into the dark the dark, virus-laden world, be my guest. But that’s not how I want to live!
deegeedee 3
History of Polio

It is likely that polio has plagued humans for thousands of years.


Because of widespread vaccination, polio was eliminated from the Western Hemisphere in 1994. In 2016, it continues to circulate in just Afghanistan and Pakistan, with occasional spread to neighboring countries. Vigorous vaccination programs are being conducted to eliminate these last pockets. Polio vaccination is still recommended worldwide because of the risk of imported cases.

In the United States, children are recommended to receive the inactivated polio vaccine at 2 months and 4 months of age, and then twice more before entering elementary school.
srobak 5
That had extensive testing (read: years) and approval before being forced upon people. if you want to be part of an experiment and clinical trial - you are welcome to do so. but absolutely nobody should be forced.
However nearly 80 year of biological research and testing from when the polio vaccine was invented has vastly improved the speed at which we can get vaccines created and tested.

We now have a huge base of data on the side effects of the vaccines. Literally tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people having been vaccinated. The incidence of bad reactions is staggeringly low. Because of the actual facts the medical profession is now very confident that the vaccines are safe. To say otherwise is just an exercise in spreading falsehoods.

While you may have a point about people being forced to get vaccinated (actually nobody is being "forced"). However it is also true that people should not be allowed to wander around in society like a modern day Typhoid Mary deliberately infecting others.....
Shocker7777 2
Yes, the polio vaccine was been proven effective through years of testing before it was unleashed to the public, not some garbage developed in just a few months and forced upon us.
s s 2
You talk about polio but don't even mention how its spread. Polio is not Covid and is an entirely different situation.
Actually Polio and Covid-19 similar. Both have airborne transmission as a vector.

"Transmitted primarily via feces but also through airborne droplets from person to person, polio took six to 20 days to incubate and remained contagious for up to two weeks after".
Gary Ondrey 3
Anyone here know what communism looks like ? What rights do you wish to give up next after you've given up your right to take care of your own body ? And..... STOP CALLING THIS A VACCINE!! IT'S NOT A VACCINE!!
patrick baker -4
gary- you slept through science class on vaccines and the social studies class on public health. THis is death by delta covid virus, which can be stopped with a one-time virus vaccine, then even you would not threaten any of your fellow citizens. Google covid patients in the covid wards, observe the breathing machines in life-saving operation, and then get it through your thick head this virus can be defeated, thousands of citizens need not die, but i really don't consider it much of a loss if fellow citizens as ignorant as you catch and sucumb to the virus. No loss really.
Gary Ondrey 5
You clearly have no idea of what you're talking about. Read a little about what I real vaccine is.. how is created, tested and what it is comprised of. This is an experimental chemical that is now showing signs that it does not work !!!
Steve Smith 4
I will not be using United Airlines. I agree wholeheartedly with Deb. James, you want to force your “common sense” on me and others? Wtwis, why is it that you and other “vaxxers” are the most fearful?Just for background, I am a physician/surgeon of 41 years experience; one of my sons graduated summa cum laude in microbiology, is an MD currently in internal medicine residency; my other son is a neuro/trauma ICU nurse. None of us have or plan to get the vaccine.
TJ Kozma 6
I am also a physician. My mask has been working just fine against any and all variants so far with no side effects whatsoever, so why risk a vaccine with less than a year's track record?
srobak 7
you mean your immunization system has been working just fine...
Jon MacNeal 4
If you’re against getting the COVID vaccine, you should also not get the other popular life savers: Varicella… diphtheria… hep A… hep B…HPV… measles… mumps… rubella… shingles… tetanus… pertussis… polio… pneumococcal… meningococcal.
Alan Glover 16
I am not against vaccines. I have two shots of the Astra Zenuca ( a vector and NOT an nMra).

We are talking about coercion vs liberty.

I don't recall ever being forced to take any vaccine in order to hold a job.

This is new territory and anyone happy the unvaccinated might lose their livelihoods or are happy that the unvaccinated get the disease are pawns of totalitarianism or at least self-absorbed, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling authoritarians who will absolutely come to regret their judgemental position.

This is not an overstatement. 😉
Greg Sergienko -2
IN the US, you would have had to get a vaccine to go to public school. You have to get a vaccine to work in the military. Employees and customers have a legitimate reason for wanting a safe space. I've got 27000 Delta Miles this summer, and it's convenient to where I travel now, but I'd be safer on a United plane. I'm glad United is thinking about that.
srobak 10
those have all had extensive testing (read: years) and approval before being forced upon people. if you want to be part of an experiment and clinical trial - you are welcome to do so. but absolutely nobody should be forced.

and to state that you are safer on a united plane vs. a delta plane is absolute rubbish and is liable to land you with a defamation suit.
srobak 6
those have all had extensive testing (read: years) and approval before being forced upon people. if you want to be part of an experiment and clinical trial - you are welcome to do so. but absolutely nobody should be forced.
Stephen Leftly -2
Repeating the same misinformation does NOT make it true.

We now have so much clinic study data that we know the vaccines are safe and effective.

Something in the order of +187 million people have been fully or partially vaccinated here in the US alone. The incidence of a bad reaction is very, very, very small.

The most common reaction, Anaphylaxis, has occurred in something between 2 to 5 people per million.

Those are not deaths, nor even long term illness, but are treated quickly where people get vaccinated It almost always occurs within the 15 min monitoring window (that is why they have you sit there for 15 min).

Five in one million is an adverse reaction rate of 0.0005%. An average US citizen is mathematically nearly 500 times more likely to DIE from COVID-19 than have this reaction.

Anaphylaxis is not unique to covid-19 vaccines nor vaccines in general, I personally witnessed one case which was caused by a bad reaction to contact lens solution!

Actual known deaths from the vaccines are just THREE out of about 187,000,000 people. Again statistically the average US citizen is about 119,000 TIMES more likely to die of COVID-19 compared to getting vaccinated.

Not getting vaccinated is playing Russian Roulette with a very loaded revolver......
Peter McGrath 1
As in, "What every illegal alien crossing the Southern border into the US and being shipped all over the country, should be forced to do!"
srobak 2
united and american had announced severeal months back they were going to get mass vaccinations for their employees..the differenc is that now they will be requiring them for employment with the company..this is not a bad thing because of the severity of the new strains of covid, and the fact reportedly the numbers are the highest since last february..vaccines are required for other diseases or viruses in order to travel or even to go to school..this should be no different as it is an emergaency situation..if you are a non beliver,ask any doctor or nurse at the hospital where they have no beds because of covid patients...
James Lewis 3
Need more companies to do this. Support United.
Linda Stone 1
Maybe they should mandate their employees to quit smoking, stop drinking, and adhere to CDC guidelines regarding weight, diet and exercise regimens, too. Weigh-ins every Monday morning to ensure BMI compliance. Think of the impact on health instance premiums and all that freed up hospital space. Right?
garritt 3
I am cancelling my SW trip & booking United............
srobak 7
keep drinking that koolaid
Stephen Leftly -3
Since Garritt will be alive they will be happy drinking their koolaid... or beer...or wine.

Those that have refuse to be vaccinated are much more likely to be "drinking" a ventilator tube or not drinking anything at all.
Linda Stone 2
Define “much more likely”, with real numbers, please.
Steven Heckler -3
Love it, I read comments like Mr. Covid lab rat and his face diaper and I get pretty annoyed. These people are going to regret it, and we will hear a great gnashing of teeth.
Mike Williams 2
I have seen Mr.Kirby on TV news programs that the company has the 1st concern is safety. He is a business person whose concern is MONEY. PR BS.
I myself want everyone to be as healthy as they can be.
It's not a vaccine folks. It's a shot and NONE are FDA approved.
John Wilhelm 4
Didn't we all as kids get the MMR vaccine as a shot? Kids still need those SHOTS to got to school. I will say you are right it is not approved, but is in as an EUA for emergency use.
srobak 6
Those had extensive testing (read: years) and approval before being forced upon people. if you want to be part of an experiment and clinical trial - you are welcome to do so. but absolutely nobody should be forced.
Ohio2Montana 1
A BIG thank you to DL,AA, WN for not requiring employees to accept the shot.
Mike Murphy 1
Just amazing all the lies
Just to push an agenda of control
s s 3
Amen. Panic used to punish.
Flora Brands 1
I don't know how they are getting away with forcing an experimental vaccine not approved anywhere in the world that has a dearh rate 50 times higher than any vaccine ever created.
Where are you getting your misinformation? Tucker Carlson?
EMK69 -4
REAL CASE: 1991.....lineup and get your shot...before you do sign this TOP SECRET piece of paper.

We stood in line to take a shot, signed the Top Secret form....retire after 28 in 1998....visit VA in 2006 "we don't know what causes these things on your body." Could it have been the top-secret shot we received during the Gulf War?

We can't find anything in your records showing you got a shot...well no, hell no, it was top secret. "Sorry but if it's not in your records you didn't get it."

United and other companies are opening up a pandora's box.
Cleffer 7
Yes. There was indeed a shot. It was from Sweden and was supposed to counter Anthrax. I was given it also but don't recall signing anything. I was told to take it and shut up. Now I have clotting issues and can't prove anything. Strange coincidence? Maybe.
Rudolf Fab 9
... no coincidence ! I lost a friend with blood clots, have another friend with multiple organ failure, know a lady which can not move anymore and if she tries with heavy pain only and just this morning a business man told me his brother died ..... all after the jab ...
Alan Glover 1
You see, the authoritarian-minded here and in the current government (hilarious that those who believed Trump, who never would have made anything like this mandatory,was the authoritarian but Xiden and HIS CCP-colluding handlers are the antidote to Trumpism) approve of the big tech silencing of anyone who disputes the party line.

And since that is where they get their info, they think that's the final truth.

They are not free and insist we not be as well.

ADXbear -7
Good... this should be required everywhere, how do vaccinated people feel comfortable going out knowing the other half is living off conspiracy theories..
Geoff Rowe 8
Tell me, are you this terrified of TB or any of the other equally dangerous illnesses that can be spread by sneezing, coughing etc. I’m going to say no you’re not.

In 2019 alone, TB killed 1.4 million world wide. Extrapolation is that it kills over 1 million a year and TB is the only thing the US is interested in should you be seeking a visa.
James Lewis 11
So far, Covid has killed over 4 million worldwide and it is hardly getting started in some countries. It has also filled hospitals, denied services to people who need serious medical attention (heart attacks, cancer, etc) and caused long term problems with others. It has close economies. schools, businesses etc - just an indication of how serious governments and medical experts take this virus to be.
Alan Glover -3
You are living off what a corrupt cabal of power-hungry politicians and their unelected bureaucrats who ignore their own data tell you.

Authoritarians are always so sure of themselves.

I believe the current word to describe this behaviour is "Karen".

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Jethroua -3
Because it was lab made and released. U A brought it to this country, was bragging at the time that they had more flights out of China than anyone. Gov new what it was because they put $ into the lab.
Alan Glover -3
A tad overstated but completely worthy of debate.

That's the point. The left use made up words like "conspiracy" theory to debunk anything with which they disagree.

So you've never heard of or think exists conspiracies?
Rudolf Fab 0
No isolated Certified Reference Materials for “covid-19” virus.
PCR tests that find “positive” results for covid merely the result of amplified instrument background.
FDA admits PCR tests were developed without any isolated covid-19 virus samples. So they simulated the virus.
Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovitz confirms common coronaviruses and monkey viruses fraudulently labeled “covid.”
Dr. Jane Ruby explains the lack of any viral isolate and why the pandemic is based on coordinated science fraud.
CDC FOIA documents reveal proof the CDC has never isolated covid-19.
The spike protein bioweapon is real, and covid “vaccines” are kill shots to achieve depopulation.
CDC Director Walensky admits the covid vaccine doesn’t stop covid infections.
Sen. Rand Paul calls for Americans to resist covid tyranny.
Swiss Police Threaten To Stop Enforcing COVID-19 RulesAugust 11, 2021 by Infinite– Swiss Police Threaten To Stop Enforcing COVID-19 Rules:Group warns in letter that lockdown laws violate fundamental rights…

Dr. Jane Ruby has no medical credentials.
Huck Finn 1
I'd like to be a class action lawyer when the employee lawsuits start for termination of employees for not getting the vaccine as well as damages done to employees who were coerced into getting the vaccine.
srobak 0
it's already been happening in the medical world. MSM is keeping a tight lid on it - but the health care unions have dozens of massive class actions already in the works, and the numbers are coming out that less than 40% of healthcare workers have the vax.
From Forbes magazine : "The rate of vaccination is pretty much inverse of the education level of staff. Among practicing physicians, 96% have been vaccinated.* The rate drops to <50% among nurses and even more among aides"

So who do you follow... the ones that are actually doctors....or ....
Nah. Texas Methodist won its law suit.
srobak 0
ok - that's 1. they are also facing a major staffing shortage as a result. oops.
You would be a pretty penniless class action lawyer.

For better or worse the law is pretty clear that the employer has significant discretion as to who they hire.

On the other side of the legal fence would be those that might sue because the employer did not take action to keep the workplace safe......
Since no such thing as Covid-19 has ever been separated, isolated, or identified, and not one attempt to satisfy Koch’s Postulates to determine if a novel ‘virus’ even exists has been attempted, what is really happening and why have governments worldwide shut down their countries and declared war on their citizenry? What is the real plot, and how many will die due to this fraudulent pandemic scam?

My position since very early on concerning this so-called ‘pandemic’ has been that the SARS-CoV-2 or ‘Covid-19’ was just the excuse being used as a government tool to instill great fear into the people, so as to build a system of total control over the masses. The real bioweapon evident is the poisonous injection mislabeled as the ‘Covid vaccine,’ and the tactics and mandates that have not only destroyed economic activity, but decimated the health and immune systems of the people at large. This includes every aspect of the lockdowns, quarantines, job loss due to the forced closings of businesses nationwide and worldwide, mask and false testing mandates, and the general terror purposely brought about by the controlling ‘elites’ and their government partners.

By this time, most should, but few do, understand the poisonous and toxic nature of what is being called a ‘vaccine,’ and the wide array of deadly adjuvants, live animal tissue, biological additives, metals, nano-particles, gene-altering messenger-RNA, and of course many other unknown or purposely hidden toxins in this deadly concoction. But what else is in this devil’s brew?

Just recently, reports coming from a team of doctors, scientists, researchers, and professors from the Spanish organization, La Quinta Columna, have stated emphatically that the highly toxic graphene oxide is not only present in vials of ‘Covid vaccines’ from most all pharmaceutical manufacturers, but is also being delivered in masks and through ‘Covid’ testing. This is very startling information, and answers a lot of questions about not only the symptoms present for many, but also may further expose another part of this nefarious agenda that is depopulation.

As stated by this group of researchers:

The masks being used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the ones that were withdrawn at the time, as indicated by the media, the swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

The COVID vaccines in all their variants, AstraZeca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, etc., also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles. This has been the result of their analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, among other techniques used by various public universities in our country.

The anti-flu vaccine contained nanoparticles of graphene oxide and the new anti-flu vaccines and the new and supposedly intranasal anti-COVID vaccines they are preparing also contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles. Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates thrombi in the organism, graphene oxide is a toxic that generates blood coagulation. Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system. By decompensating the oxidative balance in relation to the gulation reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm.

Also, according to this study, levels of graphene oxide in certain ‘vaccine’ vials contained up to 99% graphene oxide and little else. This toxin can cause pneumonia when the nanoparticles enter the lungs. Graphene also causes a metallic taste and inflammation of the mucus membranes which can lead to a loss of taste and smell. It can as well cause strong magnetic responses inside a host organism, and can also cause red blood cell damage. When deposited on most any surface, it can be converted into an electronic conductor. This would lead one to question many ‘Covid’ symptoms and the possible uses of graphene oxide in the so-called ‘Covid-19 vaccine,’ as this study group also claims that graphene oxide actually causes what is erroneously described as ‘Covid.’ If this is the case, then the ‘vaccine’ is indeed the bioweapon.

The very many adverse effects of graphene oxide delivery into living organisms has been long studied, but virtually nothing about this has been mentioned by the pharmaceutical companies, the government, or the mainstream media. In fact, there has been express denial of any nano-particle use in the flu and ‘Covid’ injections by these same sources in the past. The information in this report is staggering, but little effort is required to understand the high risk of using these toxic nano-sized particles in ‘vaccines.’

Graphene microparticles, and therefore graphene by injection, can lead to major respiratory sickness, including lung cancer. Once these particles are inside the body, and in the cells, the human immune system has not the ability to rid itself of these deadly nano-particles, and they become permanent and can cause extreme physiological harm in the body at the cellular level.

Bioweapons can come in many forms, and this is the new tactic of war against the people by this and other governments. The powerful controlling element of society and its corrupt government partners care nothing about you or your families, but only about power and control over you. The real bioweapon is not any ‘virus,’ but is the ‘vaccine’ delivery system itself, along with masks, and testing, as perpetrated by the very entity (government) claiming to be your savior. The elimination of this government is in order.

It seems that the death of billions is sought, and a new master and slave society controlled by technocrats in a transhuman environment is the desired outcome. Today, science fiction has become reality!
Shannon Nygard -2
The goverment/President is presenting Covid -19 as a disease you can eradicate with a ONE shot it is not that type of a virius according to the medical community it is not like Smallpox ONE shot is not going eradicate Covid and science will tell you that. The flu shot is a guess every year due to the strains. It does not make sense that this is going to work and this is being proven by break-throughs and folks will less resistant to future covid strains. They are already testing for shot 3 and 4???? Profit????

Cleveland clinic recommends no vaccination for those acquired the disease. In our country we need strong immunity and this is a way to create herd immunity for future strains. The govermant is ignoring science and ignoring medical commmunity such as the Cleveland Clinic who recommends those who have had disease to not get shot they will have stronger immunity with out it. I wonder if the President of United has considered all the scientific information like the Cleveland Clinic.
The Cleveland Clinic says no such thing.

“Cleveland Clinic recommends those who are eligible receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

"We recently shared research that provides insight into how the immune system protects the body after a confirmed COVID-19 infection. The study followed Cleveland Clinic caregivers over five months as the vaccination process was beginning. The data showed that the vaccine was extremely effective in preventing COVID-19 infection. In addition, we found that none of the previously infected employees who remained unvaccinated were re-infected over the duration of the study. This information could help guide vaccination efforts should there be a shortage of vaccine supply and in countries where vaccine supply is limited.

"This is still a new virus, and more research is needed. It is important to keep in mind that this study was conducted in a population that was younger and healthier than the general population. In addition, we do not know how long the immune system will protect itself against re-infection after COVID-19. It is safe to receive the COVID-19 vaccine even if you have previously tested positive, and we recommend all those who are eligible receive it.”
trentenjet -6
proof they're part of the swamp not good people it's all lies people
Alan Glover -3
Not all lies but sufficient to the cause.

Good robots, all.
wtwisniewski -3
No one should have the right to infect others with a dangerous/deadly disease. Yeah, people should have the right to refuse vaccine as long as they lock themselves away to not endanger anyone.
srobak 6
as soon as you tell that to HIV folks - then we can talk. And there's a long list of other communicable diseases that you need to apply that standard to first, as well.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Correct, but then on the other hand the company nor the government should have no obligation to give you a job or welfare.
Alan Glover 0
Agreed since the government has no money and does not quarantee employment as liberty demands.
skinutca 20
And they are doing no such thing. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, don’t work there.
Aaron Mrozek 1
It's unfortunate for so many of us, especially in the healthcare industry are experiencing an ultimatum: get it or get fired. After a year of exhausting hours, long shifts, anxiety + fear surrounding the unknown, to now the unknown being known and watching our medical rights be stripped away within days/weeks. Those who are saying "good, they should be fired" A patient that made the choice to smoke for many ears developed lung cancer and is laying in bed gasping for air, we never said "good, he did it to himself" as we are giving bronchodilators and applying high flow oxygen or a non rebreather to bring their sats up while holding their hand and calming their anxiety.
"Good, they deserve to be fired" is a sickness born of hate.
The healthcare workers cared for your family, friends, and loved ones without judgement and now they're being cheered out of the hospital with a "good, they deserve to be fired?!"
They cared for YOU with respect, dignity, and free of judgement despite the choices YOU made. Is it that hard to return the favor?
James Lewis 3
I appreciate the efforts people in healthcare have put in during this especially difficult time. However, when it comes to caring for myself or family, I want someone who has been vaccinated to do it.
Alan Glover 0
Then you are ignoring the science that shows vaccinated people are MORE likely to spread the virus than the unvaccinated because there are folks who think wrongly as you do and don't understand that the vaccine helps prevent severe symptoms, lessens the chance of hospitalization and death (so far) for the VACCINATED person but not who they meet.

The only real way to defeat this virus is for every human to isolate from every other.

Sure, there will be no more death and disease from covid-19 but do you want to live in that world?
Where do you get your facts from? I know of no actual study that supports your statement "the science that shows vaccinated people are MORE likely to spread the virus than the unvaccinated"

It make a great sounding sound bite but where is the evidence that it is actually true? Please quote the research paper to support your position. Actual research, not some TV talking head.
Alan Glover 0
What hateful individual downvoted that?
Alan Glover 0
If that was the end of it ( and you are forgetting the science that says the mandates are a bad idea healthwise) that might be something.

But if you doubt there have been discussions at the CDC and elsewhere about internment camps for the unvaccinated, you have paid no attention to history.
In fact, it sounds like you'd be OK with that.
As many people get their health insurance through their company I would seem to me that an employer has a direct interest in keeping their employees healthy and a responsibility for keeping the workplace safe.

I would be very surprised if those who don't want to get vaccinated would also accept that they lose their company subsidized health insurance.

The non-vaxers want it both ways: you can't make me get vaccinated but if I get sick from COVID-19 you have to pay for my medical care.

Freedom is not the right to act like a complete jackass which affects others. With freedom comes responsibility. Too many forget that other side of the coin.
Alan Glover 2
I see some downvotes on this one.

If you downvoted on this anti-privacy point, you would have been comfortable in nazi Germany and would now be more comfortable in communist China.

Since government officials like Anita Dunn and our PM Trudeau have praised the CCP system, is it little wonder some people are ok with limiting speech and compelling vaccinations?

You are a useful idiot fortotalitarianism.
United seems to be right on the money on so many issues. Great example is their hiring policy of 50% BPOC. On my last flight, the Captain showed up at the gate with his cap on backwards and his pants around his butt. Afraid to say something that might offend, We all got in a line and followed like sheep.
Alan Glover 3

I don't care if the pilot is a green amoeba from Mars. Did he/she/it ace the pilot training?

That's all that should matter.

This ridiculous racist policy (How does a green amoeba from Mars FEEL about being considered too stupid to achieve on their own without help from the Great White Master?) guarantees I will never fly with United until they prove to me only the best pilots are flying their planes.
Randy Marco -2
If you are against the vaccine YOU are an uneducated, inane dolt... PERIOD!
Steve Smith 1
I have found that those people that are the least able to defend their position usually default to casting insults and derogatory comments. See my and my sons' education and professions previous comment 3 hours ago. What are your credentials, R Marco ?
I support United in this. Hospitals in our area are doing the same for the safety of all. Every employer throughout history has had their rules. We can choose to comply or find another employer who suits our needs. It’s unfortunate, but this is reality right now.
Alan Glover 5
But it is not for the safety of all. Your job is not safe, the vaccines, while effective against worse outcomes, have produced many side effects and many 30 somethings will not get a second dose,

The downsides are not being reported for the same reason you will be forced to take it....control
There is very little actual evidence to support your statement "have produced many side effects".

In fact the data is vey much in the other direction. As I posted elsewhere in this thread you are about 119,000 time more likely to die from COVID-19 than the vaccine. Right now there are only 3 know deaths related to people getting vaccinated wit hte COVID-19 vaccines The biggest side effect has been anaphylaxis at a rate between 2 to 5 per million patients.

That is historically a very low number for any vaccine or almost any medical procedure for that matter.
Steve Smith 2
If you are a hospital employee and all the healthcare systems in one state come out with a vaccine mandate on the same day, you cannot simply “find another employer” without uprooting family and look for work in another state. That is corporate collusion of the worst kind.
Deb atkinson -3
It's beginning to feel like Communist China. Vaccination is a personal decision backed by our constitution... What have the vaccinated got to worry about if it is as effective as they say it it. The un-vaccinated are simply saying that they are willing to take the chance of getting a native infection rather than being injected with foreign substances. Respiratory viruses never go away... It's like vaccinating for the common cold. They don't stop manufacturing cigarettes as deadly as they they? Rather they put out a warning on the box so that big boys and girls can decide for themselves. My body.. my choice as the pro-abortionists say. Not our government, nor any dictator cooperation should be able to rule over your personal freedoms... They are suppose to represent us, not rule over or dictate to us.. Boycotting or protesting needs to happen
mmc7090 -6
Just walk away and make United fire these Patriots. The ones holding the tickets will crush this shortsighted management.
skinutca 5
United will do that, but not to patriots. Delta has also said all new hires will be required to be vaccinated before their start date. They would have also mandated it for current employees, but are not sure the union contract will let them. They all have very high vaccination rates, for pilots each say it is above 80%. While this is not near the 95% of doctors in the country, it is above the rate for nurses.
Steve Smith 0
I have found that those people that are the least able to defend their position usually default to casting insults and derogatory comments. See my and my sons' education and professions previous comment 3 hours ago. What are your credentials, R Marco ?

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

skinutca 10
You should also consider dumping your Amazon and Netflix accounts as both companies will require vaccination to return to the office. You also need to dump your Facebook and Twitter accounts for the same reason. You should sell your windows machines and cease using office as Microsoft has the same policy. For now you are safe with Apple products, but they will likely follow.
Aaron Mrozek -1
You should consider that people ought to have the choice to choose if they want a non-FDA approved vaccine injected with less than a year of testing.
So you choose to fly with an airline that has staff that are submitting to the fast evolution of the virus and place their bodys as testlabs to evolve more contagious strands like the D-version now would you? And the number 74% in hospitals are vaccinated, a number of questions: What are they in hospitals for? If they are Covid-positive, how many are severly affected and needs to use seducted breathing apparatus? When did they get vaccinated and with what brand, and how many shots have they got before the sickness showed it self? I personally got Covid 4 days after my first shot of Phizer, my family two days after the same shot we must have been infected shortly before our shots, I suffered minor problems and was back at work within 3 weeks, they where hospitalized with oxygen breathing still awake. We now have had our second also and still despite an immunity above many else we keep distances and do not try to inadvertivly spread the new strand as it is likely not affecting us as hard as non vaccinated. So, the number 74% can mean a lot of things taken out of it's full meaning. It can also be totally false and spread by those who often denounce evolution as an origin of any spieces on Earth, making their own bodys the grow ground for the very same evolution. It is a PANDEMIC, that demands faster solutions if you don't want to go under totally. The fact that all who takes the vaccine is obliged to stay within the facility for 15 minutes is just to check that people not aware of any allergy is within reach of healthcare workers. Non that I've seen has had any reaction. My last shot got me reacting slightly for 3 days but then it was gone, my symptoms where bodyache (sp?) and a sense of fever without any fever. Phizer is said to have a 95% certainty to be effective of all previous strands, previous to the D-version, that is far better than having non protection at all.
Aaron Mrozek -1
I am choosing to fly an airline that allow's the people to choose what they inject into their body and not mandating a non-fda approved medicine. The more contagious strands like the "D-version" are from the vaccinated. I can name all my sources but it will not change your mind. My friend died because of a blood clot 2 days after receiving the vaccine. The blood clot didn't show within 15 mins. You'll argue that the blood clot was caused by something else. We can argue all day. All i ask is people give respect to the fact that this vaccine is not FDA approved and shouuldn't be mandatory until all known short term and long term side effects are known and is FDA Approved. Is that too hard?
So when the vaccine is removed from emergency status and “fully” FDA approved, you will also remove your objection?
Steven Heckler -8
Pandemic created and fabricated by bogus tests, the creator of the tests said they are not to be used in this way, PCR look up the invetor of that test if Google lets you.
Love it, I read comments like Mr. Covid lab rat and his face diaper and I get pretty annoyed. These people are going to regret it, and we will hear a great gnashing of teeth.
John Wilhelm 7
Pulled this from Se full article here.

Also stated in the article. Kari Mullis, the creator of PCR in the 80s, died in 2019 and would not be able to be quoted for something in 2021.

"The post begins with the words “COVID-19 TEST a FRAUD?”, then introduces the alleged quote from Mullis, who invented the PCR method in 1985 and was recognized for this achievement by being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 (here).

However, the quote is actually from an article written by John Lauritsen in December 1996 about HIV and AIDS, not COVID-19 (here).

The context around the quote shows Lauritsen is not saying PCR tests do not work. Instead, he is clarifying that PCR identifies substances qualitatively not quantitatively, detecting the genetic sequences of viruses, but not the viruses themselves: “PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV. The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

Even if Mullis had voiced a similar statement before his death in 2019, this quote does not mean the PCR test is unable to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 - the virus that causes COVID-19 - rather that it cannot determine whether the individual tested is infectious."
Alan Glover 0
You're catching on.

Use Gab and Rumble for now. Gab will soon have their own PayPal like service. Sure they have lots of bigots and anti-semites but that's because they have nowhere else to go AND it's like shooting fish in a barrel to take them on.

Speech is free or it isn't. There is no such thing as hate speech because THAT requires a subjective opinion.

I think everything blm says is racist, hateful and a lie but they are everywhere.
I can prove it as well.

How far do you think that will get me when dealing with these woke corporarions and fascist bureaucrats some of whom actually decry the existance of folks of my "race"?

Doesn't comport with their "values"? When did the value of free expression become expendable?

When lying marxists (are there any other kind?) got inside your easily influenced head.
James Lewis 8
Better look into the source of your information (and the 74%?) before you make decisions which can affect your life and that of family, friends and people around you.
amacnabb -2
Funny how Mr. Lewis says he'll put his faith in the "science", and not in some politician...

Unfortunately that's just the oppositeif our current reality, James! It's the politicians pushing the phony vaccine, and not the the science. Anthony Fauci is a politician (puppet) first, and "scientists second.

Mr. Lewis probably owns stock in a vaccine company... or he's a politician (or perhaps both!).

I had covid last year, got over it, and I'm healthy. The SCIENCE says I don't need a vax, as I'm naturally immune (which by all medical history/science is as good, if not BETTER, than any vaccine). Yet some boot-licking, virtue-signalling, private company will require me to get a shot and "show my papers" before I'm allowed to utilize their services?
I don't think so.

If you feel confident that the vax is safe for you, and you want it, then good-on-ya... go get your shot and your papers! But don't ever suggest that becuase YOU got it, that we all should. Virtue-signaling SJW-ing at it's best!

I'd bet Mr. Lewis doesn't own guns either, because they're dangerous, and the police will provide all the protection he and his vaccinated family will ever need... because, you know, that's the "science".

Y'all have a great day!
Aaron Mrozek 1

I check the source of my information before I make decisions which can affect my life, and that of family, friends, and people around me. You should too. My argument stands that getting the vaccine are still getting the disease. They are still going to the hospital.
You obviously didn't read those two articles.

There were 469 cases of COVID-19 of which 367 occurred in fully vaccinated people. Of those 367 people 274 were symptomatic. "The most common side effects were cough, headache, sore throat, muscle pain and fever. Among five Covid patients who were hospitalized, four were fully vaccinated, according to the agency. No deaths were reported."

"While numerous studies have shown that the vaccines don’t work as well against the delta variant as they did against other strains, health officials say they are still highly effective, especially in protecting against severe illness and death. Roughly 97% of new hospitalizations and 99.5% of deaths in the U.S. are among unvaccinated individuals, U.S. health officials repeated this week."
Andre Vanha 4
From the AHA article:
- Three-quarters of the 469 COVID-19 cases were in people fully vaccinated
- About 90% of 133 patients tested had the delta variant (What about the other 336? Perhaps they were they not tested, or not tested for the specific variant?)
- Five patients were hospitalized, including four who had been vaccinated. Two of the vaccinated who were hospitalized had underlying medical conditions.

This can be interpreted in different ways, but "74% of vaccinated individuals ended up in hospitals" is not a valid interpretation.
Alan Glover -3
Same to you.

The 74% number comes from the recent outbreak in Massachusetts in which 75% of the 500 or so infected had had both shots.

So you're not surprised (and maybe one of the plethora of kooks who is happy) when an unvaccinated person gets sick but you're OK with it if it is, like in the case of the Massachusetts outbreak, "fully" (Don't kid yourself. If the authorities have their way, you will NEVER be fully vaccinated) vaccinated?

Your holier than thou virtue signaling does not change the science.

Tell me, did you follow the CDC and Surgeon General's advice to NOT mask a year ago March?

Have you verified the number of times Fauci has contradicted himself?

You have every right to believe what you want to believe but so does everyone else. And if you bring up that "what about everyone else" load, you probably shouldn't be living in a (for now) free country. You are not responsible for me or my family, I am.
Your understanding is wrong. You are generalizing from one casec(wrongly you state that 74% of patients in the hospitals) and then erroneously generalizing it across all the hospitals in the whole state.

From the actual CDC paper : "First, data from this report are insufficient to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, including the Delta variant, during this outbreak."

When you read the actual paper and look at the actual numbers correctly it paints a very different picture from what you posted...

See :

Also understand more about the math involved see :
People should have the freedom to choose whether to have the shot or not. I know of many friends and family who have been fully vaccinated and died from this virus!!
Herbert Krosta -5
Sorry to hear, but the died from the Jab. watch next year, a lot more will die including Movie actors (Hollywood. Covic was made as weapons to kill. China let it go, but there was not that many dead's, so stage two: The Vaccine, witch is not vaccine to protect your body. It got a lot of poisen chemicals in it. One shot take 5 years of your Live, two shots, 10-15 years.
Many bad thing going on in the World. Bad Peoples working on a New World Order.
Check: Bill Gate and Dr. Faucy Statments.
China like to take the World over, und Peoples Don't see it.
Jim Mitchell 0
I just love Americans. 500.000 soldiers die in Viet Nam and more are dying for what some of you are calling a hoax. I wish some of you could get inside a COVID ward to watch people sucking their final breaths. But keep on being stupid the rest of the world is laughing at you.
Brock Nanson 0
The anti-vax comments in this thread are shocking. Last time I checked, it was science that puts and keeps an airplane in the air. You would think some basic understanding, acceptance and respect for science would exist here. But apparently not... the ignorance displayed appears to be no different to what you find on Facebook.
Freedom lost is seldom regained without sacrifice.
Herbert Krosta -3
Sorry to hear, but the died from the Jab. watch next year, a lot more will die including Movie actors (Hollywood. Covic was made as weapons to kill. China let it go, but there was not that many dead's, so stage two: The Vaccine, witch is not vaccine to protect your body. It got a lot of poison chemicals in it. One shot take 5 years of your Live, two shots, 10-15 years. Many bad thing going on in the World. Bad Peoples working on a New World Order. Check: Bill Gate and Dr.Fauci Statement. China like to take the World over, and Peoples Don't see it.


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