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Eric Kraus 5
This is a blatant lie by Southwest. I have a really good friend that is a pilot for Southwest and the mass cancelations was NOT weather related. Its was a protest for the shot mandate.
Fact Monger. I must now Google you and try to get you fired from your job....Go Brandon!
J Songin 6
Nice try to put a fable together around a few disconnected facts, but any safety conscious, seasoned pilot will tell you the weather was not a significant factor compared to crew shortages.
ADXbear 3
I live in Florida.. very aware of the weather, esp IFR weather.. Airline fly a Cessna 182 here and Ther hasn't been any weather this summer that kept me on the ground.. sure the occasional ATC hold for Wx over an airport.. but no biggie, if one must, go to alternate..

So I have no idea what people are talking about as it concerns Florida weather delays..

I call BS!
C172Rpilot 7
My apologies up front...but this weekly rag is part of the MSM and is in damage control. I live in Florida, an hour from JAX. Yes we had some rain, and some gusty weather (IFR) for maybe an hour as a cold front moved through the upper part of the peninsula - but nothing that should have cancelled all those flights - delay yes. Typical Florida weather this time of year and none of the other carriers cancelled flights like SWA did. These fronts will continue to late spring and you won't see SWA delaying flights when the next front moves through. This was no hurricane. I'm pulling the BS card here...this is just crap. This was about the jab and the pilots and SWA is in damage control as well.
David Hammack 5
Business Insider? That's not how you spell P-R-O-P-O-G-A-N-D-A.
bentwing60 2
Do you mind if I plagiarize that last line that perfectly describes modern day MSM and the complete cliche that they have become? Thanks and Cheers.
avionik99 2
This weather causing delays and lack of ATC personnel has be debunked! It is a completely fabricated lie by SWA!
sharon bias 2
With the number of weather events that occur in a given week all across the US, this was BS. You have every night to reposition your aircraft (without paying customers of course). You don't keep a couple of spare planes parked around the US just in case something breaks or there is a bird strike? You don't know 3-4 hours BEFORE a departure that you won't have an aircraft available, so you can alert folks before they leave for the airport? Epic fail
Silent Bob 3
Well spank my ass and call me Charlie.

An actual piece of journalism. Succinct, factual, and devoid of any click-bait or anonymously sourced hearsay. Someone pinch me I must be dreaming!
bentwing60 5
Credentials noted, as well as time served here. Something else to consider. The source is the issue, not the veracity of what was published, but what was Not. To not recognize the SWAPA response to the jab mandate in this event is as disingenous as is the rest of the Coof clap trap pushed by the MSM.

Your average seasoned 4 bar knows more about real weather than the once blown away Mike Seidel and the doom and gloom camera hogs of TWC and their minions. They bought, and shut down Intellicast as a competing and superior product for aviators!

The gist of the comment, SWA pilots were not worried about the weather, but they are worried about Gary Kellys vaxx mandate and fired a shot across his bow. More opportunities to come to thwart the turn on the heels of GK toward the original Herb and Colleen credo of people, (employees) first, profits second. 'one takes care of the other'.

P.S. they bought Herb a 737 and a Harley, they might buy gary a hearse.
jaymeinen 2
Southwest reacts to weather better than this. Clearly the objection to the jab mandate also played a role. Please don’t pretend otherwise.
So, according to Brandon, you want my family to die then, right? ;-)
aurodoc 2
It is a good article and is true. I flew Southwest today from Phoenix to SJC on a completely full 737 800. Slightly delayed by 10 minutes. This flight came from Dallas as flight 197 and then under the same number as the PHX-SJC flight it went back to Austin Texas. Prior to Dallas, Flt 197 came from Charlotte and before this Baltimore. One can see how a few weather, air space control, mechanical or other problems can completely screw up the schedules when a flight zig zags its way across the US.
John Tuzi 1
It wasn't due to weather. LET'S GO JORDAN!
John D 0
Anyone who flies SW regularly knows this is true. Is it good? No. But it doesn't take much to make the wheels come off when multiple events cause disruption. I describe SW as bus service in the sky. They hop from town to town to town all day long.

Did everyone forget what Spirit went through this summer? That came out of nowhere too.
bentwing60 1
Spirit is still nowhere but the bottom of the bucket.


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